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The Tower Continued

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Chapter 11

Vader and Olee walked through the corridor of his compound to the stark white elevator, the double doors closing behind them. They were silent. The elevator started with a jolt. Olee leaned against the wall, ears popping as it climbed the facility at top speed, seemingly dozens of floors at a time. Vader faced the doors, as silent as a statue. Olee drew close to him and curiously, stared over his arm at the door..he sensed, to annoy him.

Ignoring her, he was grateful to see the alloy steel slid apart, a cool breeze blowing his cloak back as it opened.

Olee looked around, unfamilar with the floor they were on. She wondered what happened to the lovely room she was in before.

"Where's my room?" she asked.

With a mental smile at hearing her call it "her room" he answered, "It's been...redecorated."

There was something clinical, sterile about the floor they were on now. Not a picture hung on the wall, the halls long and stretching seeming to go on an eternity. Finally, at long last they had reached a door. Strangely, the first  on the entire floor.

"This was quite a work out," she gasped.

Not like the one you'll get later, he thought.

With a casual wave of his hand, the door opened. Olee walked inside, spinning around as she looked about. The ceiling for one, came together like a cone, as though they were right beneath a spire. The room was ring shaped with windows instead of walls accessible only by a three step staircase. The view was of the whole city, and somewhere off to the west, an entire countryside with mountains and spring falls. Olee, drawn to the view of this particular region was even more pleasantly surprised to find that the balcony overlooked this magnificient area.

Vader watched, pleased with himself at having impressed her. Could Filli ever lavish her with such gifts? What did he have to offer but a life of smuggling spices? Vader smiled at the thought.

He followed Olee to the veranda where she overlooked the lush countryside. "Is the room to your liking?" he asked.

"It's breathtaking," she gushed.

Olee turned, a look of adulation gleaming in her eyes. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

Vader moved slowly from the veranda, walking in to the room... Olee behind him, a questioning look in her eyes. She saw him draw an object from his utility belt then pause, not turning to look behind him as she approached the two metal stalagadites that rose from floor to ceiling that he stood between, three stairs higher than the lower part of the room.

Suddenly he whirled on her, snapping a pair of cuffs on her hands. With a mighty yank, she was cuffed to the metal rail.

She shook the rod, but Vader pulled the other arm, snapping that one to the other metal pole.

"What are you doing?" she snapped.

Vader moved from Olee, almost circling. "What shall I do with you?" he asked.

"I don't know, I'm sure you'll think of something," she replied, voice heavy with suggestion.

Vader pointed a finger accusingly. "Your seductive powers will not work on me."

"They worked before," Olee countered.

The mask approximated a scoff. "Don't be so sure it wasn't the other way around."

At hearing him say this, her head snapped back as though she had never even considered it.

"Filli won't like this. He'll be angry if you did something to harm me."

"Filli is a man of little consequence, and therefore, of little concern to me." It was his own anger that Olee should be worried about, he thought.  "Don't you know who I am?" Vader asked.

"The emperor's minion. Darth Vader, of course!" she replied, voice heavy with sudden disgust.

Now we are getting somewhere, he thought. Vader climbed the stairs again, where Olee stood bound to the metal rods. He slid a hand around her waist, to rest on the small of her back. She looked at him, whatever she was about to say, lost.

"You don't know who I am," he said again.

"I do," Olee answered. She wondered where this was leading, and didn't like the queasy feeling she was getting. Suddenly he felt dangerous again, somehow ready to strike or lash out at her in a vengeful manner.

"Your heart is racing," he said. "You're afraid."

"Who are you?" Olee asked, eyes searching the mysterious mask.

He gave a mental smile. "Anakin Skywalker. The Chosen One."

In the force he felt her buckle.

Olee shook her chains in a feeble attempt to pull free.

"Your writhing is useless."

"You're lying! The Chosen One... you can't be. Anakin Skywalker was a hero, he'd never do what you did."

"You mean, bring peace to the Republic?"

"Your idea of peace is FEAR?"

"As long as there is peace, I don't care." Vader shrugged.

"You can't be."

But the mannerisms were all there. The proud swelling of his chest, the daring exploits, the superior piloting skill. If what he said was true, then it would explain why so many Jedi had fallen to his blade. But wasn't he supposed to balance the force? What did balancing the force mean? Surely it didn't mean the destruction of the Jedi.

The wheels in Olee's head seemed to turn. Vader watched as she slowly accepted the truth.

"Then what happened to you! Why are you wearing that ridiculous suit? To hide the truth? So no one will know what you've become?"

He answered in a forlorn voice: "Master Obi Wan did this to me."

"Serves you right!" Olee spat in his face. So Obi Wan was alive, she thought.

Before he knew it, a hand snapped out and clutched her by the throat. He squeezed, until he felt in the force that she was near collapse. But Olee, as defiant as ever held on as long as she possibly could flinching but pretending the act of violence had not hurt her.

He pulled a cloth from the inner part of his cloak and wiped the spittle from his mask.

"You understand why you can never go back to Filli."

"We made a deal. For one night I would stay here with you. I suppose you wanted me here to rub your betrayal in my face. Fine, it worked. I hate you just like every one else does."

"And if I told Filli about the other nights?"

"He would never forgive me-" she gasped, speaking ahead of her thoughts. Eyes narrowing... "What do you want from me?"

"You...Olee Starstone are my trophy."

She gave him a confused look. "A trophy... something to hang on your walls, as a symbol of your victory?"

"A trophy of my victory over the Jedi."

She thought of how he had exploited her before, their time in his bedroom - everything that went against her Jedi beliefs. How he had caused her to debase herself, physically. With him of all people.

"And so... you take everything that is dear to me? Including my dignity?"

"I leave this to you. Consider your options, Olee..."

Vader let his hand trail the curve of her neck to her cleavage, his hands cupping the roundness of her breast. "I will release you to Filli. But you will answer my call and heed my every whim. Or else, I track you down, kill Filli, and bring you to this compound as my captive."

"I'm not your captive. And I'm not your ...slave."

"You are, unless you want a recording of you and I together to reach Filli. I'm sure, he'll no longer want you when he sees what I have. I'm sure you wouldn't want that to be his dying thought."

"Filli loves me."

"And I want you. Which is greater?"

Vader touched Olee's face. She winced, turning her head aside. He liked the idea of being Vader. Not having to ask for anything, but simply taking what he wanted. There was no begging or pleading as he had with Padme.

He pulled Olee's blouse. The shirt ripped right from her back. She winced again, her face burning red in color, her nipples hardening in the exposed air. Olee wanted to cover herself, to protect her body from his intrusive gaze. She was, after all a trophy to him and little more. Vader then unfastened her pants, and pulled them from her kicking legs, dodging a potential blow to his head.

He stood back. Olee crossed one leg over the other, shielding herself as much as she could from Vader's scrutiny. She sensed his arousal and felt a growing shame within herself.

"I suppose I should not have trusted you. I brought this upon myself," she said, with some clarity.

"You are learning to accept the choices you've made. Just as I have. You can learn a great deal from me."

He grabbed Olee about the waist, drawing her legs around him. The Emperor told him, in time the Dark side would be his only companion. But, his actions, lust, and selfishness were indeed all of the dark side. He was a young man still, despite the suit, and only recently a husband of a woman who was no longer alive. He had needs still. Physical ones.

Vader looked down, unfastening a part of his suit.

"I suppose I have no say in this."

"Your powers of observation have never been more succinct," he replied. Vader rose, both of her legs straddling his crouched body. He kept his masked head lowered until there was penetration, and Olee sank onto his hardened shaft.

 He heard breath catch, saw her biting her bottom lip.

What would Filli think of this? he wondered amusingly. He thrusted, pulling her onto him roughly. Olee moaned, a feeling of intermingled pleasure and pain soaring through her. Her dark hair had tusseled, covering her eyes and face, her arms pulled upward toward the handcuffs. Her breast bounced before the dark orbs of his mask.

"Anakin-" she gasped. It sounded so much better than "Vader". She couldn't help herself.

He reached out, squeezing her soft rosy cheeks. "Don't make the mistake of calling me by that name again."  He jerked her roughly and Olee wailed.

With a force pull he unlocked the handcuffs and she fell onto him, gasping. Vader expected her to flee... at first. But she sat there, continuing to straddle him, so he rolled her over to the floor, pulled her legs around him once again, and finished the job, releasing a small but milky flow of his DNA into her sweaty exhausted body. Olee, for the matter was simply too undone by this recent round of revelations and the tribulations ahead of her to fight. For now.

Vader rose, fastening his suit again. He found the ripped shirt she worn and tossed it on top of her ravaged body. Then stood there, contemplating a moment, before pulling her quivering body from the floor, and carrying her off to his bed. 



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