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Chapter 13

The first three days were spent in bed toiling away in misery. The servants had brought food to her room, but Padme turned them away. The children had been off before, visiting her Ruwee, her mother, and sister during the time of her convalescence. Well... only once. But she knew where they were and that they were safe. It was not the separation that caused her agony. But not knowing where they were... being unable as she were, to leave the house with the force-forsaken necklace around her neck... if something were to happen to Anakin, no one would find them. During a visit to her room to gloat, he had told that he alone, was the only one who knew where the children were, so there it was pointless to ask around. With Anakin off fighting wars and leading battles, anything could happen. Anything could be happening now to them now. How would she find them?

Padme's throat burned. Twice she had tried leaving the compound but was unsuccessful. Their servants had found her outside of the house curled into ball, trying to remove the necklace.

And now... she had finally given up. On life. On everything. It hurt so much. Anakin was being so cruel. She never thought he was capable of being cruel to her. The power he had acquired as Emperor had changed him so much. She didn't even know who he was anymore.

So Padme laid in bed for nearly a week... wasting away.

Then one morning, under a haze of sleep with dawn breaking just outside of her window... slivers of light slipping through tree branches to filter into the room...someone who was not Anakin stood just beside the bed with powerful rays of light behind him. He was almost blue, like a holopresence. But she knew he was not.

She blinked. He looked so familiar to her. He looked like Qui Gonn.

"Get up," he said.

And so she rose, gazing at him intently, his presence making her stronger. Then suddenly, he backed away as though there was nothing more to be said. She reached for him, wanting his wisdom, wanting of any solutions he could possibly offer... but he faded away.

He had spoken something to her through his eyes. But the more she thought about what he was trying to say, the less she understood. Unbeknownst to Padme, Qui Gonn wanted her to save Anakin. To save Anakin from himself. There was still time, and there was still some good in him left. Barely. But just some.

Padme found through Qui Gonn's spirit, the strength she needed to press forward. Anakin told her when she became his wife again he return the children. Instead, she regressed, slipping further away. But she needed to be strong for them. She was sure they missed her just as much as she missed them.

So Padme showered, fixed her hair, slipped into one of her prettier dresses, applied a bit of makeup to her face, composed herself then left the room in search of Anakin.

She walked the halls as though she hadn't been sick a day. As though she had not lost the will to move forward. She ran down the stairs. Something told her, he would be outside, if he were anywhere near the house at all. Padme slipped out of the house and ran around the compound to the garden. And just as she suspected, he was there, in heavy discussion with one of his commanders.

He turned and looked at her. She stood there, her white sheer dress billowing in the wind about her... the shiny sliver of gold she wore around her head, curls spilling effortlessly out. Anakin was so happy to see her that his heart nearly sprang out of his chest. And he smiled... then collected himself, remembering she didn't love him anymore.

He dismissed his men with a wave of his hand and walked toward her. Padme met him halfway. She gave him a little smile. He looked into her eyes, could tell she had been thinking. That she was thinking now, like the clever little diplomat that she was.

They stopped near the gazebo. He stood on the steps blocking its entrance. Padme stood close by, twisting her body nervously, almost flirtaciously. She yanked a flower from one of the flower beds and twisted the stem in her fingers. She looked so beautiful and graceful just standing there. But he held firm, gazing into her eyes.

"I've been thinking."


"You said the children won't come back until I... behave more like a wife."

"So you understood?"

"Of course. And I've decided to comply. I will be more like a wife to you. I..." she hesitated, as though it pained her to say it. "Will make no attempts to return to politics. Nor will I question your policies or anything related to how you run the Republic. I will... allow you to enter my bed room... with some notice. And I will be civil to you. I hope this answers any concerns you may have about how I conduct myself in this marriage."

She was only coercing him into bring the children back. But he nodded, as long as she made no further attempts to challenge him, he would agree. And at the moment, he felt as though he would do absolutely anything for her.


"So..." she said, eyes hopeful. "Will the children come back today?"

"I'll have the staff prepare my ship. We'll bring the children home... together."

"Should I pack my bags?"

"No. They're here on Coruscant."

She bit her anger back, nodding politely.

"What about the necklace?"

"Don't worry. I'll set the perimeters allowing you to leave the compound, but enough that you're not to drift too far away from me. As long as I am near, you'll be safe."

"Thank you, my love," she replied in a saccharin sweet voice.

Padme and Anakin walked through the Jedi temple. She looked around, remembering the way it used to be. So full of life, comraderie, honor. Now its halls were forever marked by tragedy and bloodshed. Her blood curdled at the idea of Anakin being behind the horrors there.

She did all she could not to hate him. This was the man she married.

In the distance Padme saw Obi Wan Kenobi walking toward them. Her heart began to beat so fast that Anakin turned to give her a threatening look. Somehow he felt her urge. That she could, at any moment tell Obi Wan everything. Tell him how badly Anakin had treated her, how much he had changed. Which of course, would cause Obi Wan, ever the Jedi, to do something about it, causing them both to fight. And Anakin was so much more powerful than his master now, such an event would only cause more sorrow. So she hid her anxieties away, smiling at her Jedi friend.

She met him with an embrace that made Anakin shift about uncomfortably.

"It's been ages," Obi Wan said. "Far too long. You do realise, I haven't seen you since the babies were born?"

He thought back to when he had visited her on Mygeeto. Seems Anakin had kept the former queen tucked away , all to himself.

Hearing this, Anakin's heart became heavy with grief. He had given Padme the necklace because he thought she had gone to Obi Wan behind his back. He had punished his beautiful wife when she had not betrayed him.

Obi Wan turned and looked at Anakin's flustered face.

"The children are well," he said. "Very happy. Dorme has taken great care of them."

Padme gasped, her eyes turning to Anakin, a panic within them.

"Dorme is here?" she asked.

"Don't worry," Obi Wan said, a carefully placed hand on her shoulder. "She's changed a great deal. I would not trust her with my... godchildren otherwise."

He looked at Anakin and smiled.

Just then, Dorme turned the corner, a single line of children behind them, Luke and Leia bouncing around in her arms.

"I took some time to assess the children's force sensitive. They are very strong," Obi Wan said. "Especially the boy."

"Well," Padme answered. "We already have one Jedi in the family. Two, counting you. I don't think my heart could stand two more."

Obi Wan nodded, a look of regret on his face.

Dorme walked to Padme, and gave a slight bow of her head. "M'lady."

Padme regarded the woman with a bit of coolness. But if Obi Wan trusted her...Padme was sure he would sense any malicious intent. Perhaps Dorme deserved another chance. Everyone did.

"Good morning, Dorme."

Dorme gave the children to Padme, and Obi Wan walked close to the woman, to stand by her side. They exchanged a knowing glance, smiling back and forth to each other. And suddenly, Padme wondered if there was something between them. Sensing her thoughts, Obi Wan blushed.

"Well I would invite you for tea, but Dorme and I have business with the younglings to tend to."

Dorme waved at Padme, and just barely glimpsed at Anakin, for her shame would not allow her to look at him fully.

Padme passed Luke off to her husband, then showered both children with kisses, tears collecting in the corner of her eyes.

"Oh, mommy missed you so much!" she exclaimed.

Leia laughed and bopped her on the nose with one of her tiny fists. At this, Anakin smiled, then broke into laughter, Luke giggled sheepishly beside him.


Anakin let his memories end on that happy moment. It was time to make Padme love him again. Time to make his four year old twins feel as though they were a part of a family and not in the middle of a warzone.

Resolute, he puffed his shoulders up, ready to abdicate his role as Emperor, ready to admit he was a fool, an awful husband, and an awful human being and BEG Padme to forgive him. BEG Padme to help him change, and atone for his sins. Especially those committed at the Jedi Temple. The younglings, mostly teens who fell to his sword. Her love meant everything to him. More than any treasure his power could bring.

He marched into the darkened house, the flowers in his hand seeming to wilt. There was a nervous energy in the air and he wasn't entirely sure that it was not his own. Even stranger, he felt...sensed a strange presence had been in the house. And now, he did not sense Padme's presence at all.

He raced up the stairs, wondering why no servant had come forth to greet him. Then he knew. They were hiding. They were afraid. Something bad had happened.

He ran as fast as he could to Padme's bedroom and kicked the door in. She was not inside. He tore from there and ran through the halls, his boots loud against the floor as he kicked every door in. He even found a gathering of storm troopers in one of the closets, huddled together, each one nervous.

Anakin stood before them, hand clasped over his lightsaber. One brave storm trooper stepped forward.

"My lord," he said. "A storm trooper wearing an all black uniform entered the house. Somehow he tricked us into the closet."

"And you could not defend yourselves or my wife and children?"

"No. We let him. And we walked into the closet ourselves. I don't know why, my lord."

"You weak minded fool! FOOL! FOOL!" Anakin yelled.

The trooper stood back, his knees knocking.

A familiar rage crept up Anakin's spine. He grabbed his lightsaber and brought it over his head to cut the storm trooper down. His arms shook violently for several moments. Then something... came to him. IS this not why Padme is gone?

He deactivated the lightsaber then backed away.

How did she escape? What happened to the necklace? Anakin went back to Padme's bedroom, finding the necklace unclasped on the floor. The clasped had been fixed making removal nearly impossible. Impossible to anything but ones force powers.

Anakin sat on Padme's bed. And sobbed.

It was time to let her go...

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 -


(Also the author of Reincarnation)

Padme woke up suddenly, sitting up in bed and wiping the dark tendrils of hair from her brow. The wind and rain blew torrentially outside and the poor insulation of the makeshift clay lodging in which they dwelled did little to stop the sound.

Dagobah was no Coruscant, she thought. But this, they'd told her, was the only place remote enough and Force dense enough to shield their whereabouts from the prying reach of her husband.

Perhaps she was spoiled, Padme thought. If nothing else, Anakin had provided for her and the twins very well, leaving them wanting for nothing.

Padme sighed.

Times like these were the hardest, when she'd woken up from another of her dreams, lonely and drenched in sweat. They always started out the same.

Her and Anakin, in the fields of Naboo together, in love as they'd ever been. Then the sky had grown dark, the clouds came in, until they both got up and ran to the house, Anakin carrying Leia and Padme quickly pulling Luke by his hand.

They should have been safe inside; instead, when she turned around she saw only herself, Luke, and Leia. Desperation to find Anakin filled her with fear, but even more fear because she somehow knew exactly where she was. She left the lodging, slowly at first and then running at breakneck speed until she reached the edge of the water, looking down and seeing his countenance.

Anakin lay, face-up, at the surface of the water, the desperation in his blue eyes clear as day. He needed her help, and without a thought she would reach down and save him. But her arms wouldn't obey her. Try as she might, no matter how long she reached or hard she swung, she could no more move in her dreams than will them away. It was as though her animations were suspended in molasses. She tried, mightily, to pull him to the surface, but was too late before he submerged deeper until there was nothing left but darkness....always too late...

The only thing that ever helped her during these nights were the twins. She needed them, desperately, to keep her grounded in reality and in hope, and told herself they needed her just as much. She missed Anakin, and they missed Anakin, but she was reminded by her recent memories that Anakin was no more--his hunger for power and control had taken over the beautiful and kind young man that once was, and the only chance at a normal life for her children was following the guidance of the remaining Jedi, however difficult.

It was still a chance, and a chance was all she had. Padme loved who Anakin used to be, and thought this was what he would have wanted. She would protect their children from the dark side. She owed him that much.

Padme approached their bedroom, cautiously, wanting to check the linens before she woke the twins. They had periodically been bedwetting since arriving on Dagobah. Although they had been mostly trained by the time she left Coruscant, the stress of separation from their old life had thrown their progress back. Guilt for what they were going through left a lead weight in her stomach, and Padme only got through it by vowing to do her best to make them forget.

She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her due to fatigue when she approached the loft and saw it empty. Rubbing them, and opening wide again, the result was still the same. Breath catching in her throat, Padme stepped to the other, thinking that sometime during the night Luke must have gotten anxious and crawled in Leia's bed but the same horror met her senses when she found that one was empty too.

Padme rushed to the small kitchen area, thinking of all the horrible possibilities that could await the twins outside the walls of their shack on a stormy night....pnemonia.....water and fallen branches....predators...

The little green figure was at the sink, slowly and calmly stirring his food when she rushed in. His voice, wise and unconcerned, met her ears before she could formulate a sentence.

"Worry about them, you must not. To training, they've been taken."

Padme blinked, took a couple deep breaths. "W-what?" So Yoda knew where they were. And Mace, she noticed as she looked around their limited dwelling, was gone. She felt her fear recede, replaced by something else. "Where are they?"

"Learning the ways of the Force, the younglings are."

Padme trembled. "Out there?" she asked incredulously. She couldn't fathom the twins safe, or being able to benefit in any way on such a night. "Are you crazy? It's raining..."

"Taking care of them, Master Windu is." He had not yet turned to face her.

This couldn't be right. They hadn't even asked her, hadn't even let her know, that the twins were now outside undergoing....Jedi training? Padme started to shake with rage at the injustice of the situation. She was sure now they were safe; even so, they didn't need to be out on a night like this, with or without her. Windu's very appearance frightened them. She shuddered, wondering what her babies must be thinking now that he was their primary guardian this night.

"They're four years old..."

"Too long, four years is. Trained from birth, Jedi are." Yoda looked at her with a distinct condescension now. "Accelerated training, they must undergo."

Padme's eyebrows lowered and she threw her shoulders back in a regal manner. "You will not be taking them out again without my permission, do you understand?" She'd never considered that Yoda and Mace would want them to be trained, hadn't thought at all that they were doing anything but rescuing her from Anakin and his oppressive Empire.

Yoda was quiet for a moment, and was stirring his food; it was almost done as he turned the fire off. "A Senator, you are no longer. Your concern, this is not." There was an air of finality to his voice, and Padme knew it would be futile to argue with him. She swallowed and looked out into the dark night. It was clear Yoda was done.

Padme slowly walked back to her bedroom and closed the door, sinking down in place on her bed before she allowed her own emotion to swell. Tears, tears of pain and rage and regret, found their way down her cheeks, and she didn't even move to wipe them away, sitting numbly with her knees to her chest and her arms pulled around them.

She sat there that way, looking out her small window into the darkness, knowing that sleep wouldn't find her until the twins came back home.

Sleep shouldn't find her until the twins came back home.

Sleep was a mercy she didn't deserve, she thought with guilt, when her babies were out there somewhere, undergoing exercises of some type under the tutelage of a hideous dark fallen Jedi. They didn't ask to have her and Anakin as parents, or be born into a life on the run, so much more tumultuous than the one she had been blessed with. And what type of Jedi were these?

Guilt assailed her senses, this time for Anakin. Padme had plenty to be bitter about, and it drove her decision to leave him and run far away with his enemies, but right now she could find no hard place in her heart towards him. Every thought, every sentiment she had for him, filled her with warmth and longing and nostalgia, and in this moment she was even sorry she hadn't trusted him more. So this was what he meant when he said the Jedi would separate them, and take their children. Padme still hadn't believed him then, clinging to her stubborn idealism. Surely he'd misunderstood, she had thought, the Jedi meant no harm...

This phrase was only a hollow assurance now. She didn't know exactly what they wanted anymore. She'd sensed no warmth and no concern from them from the very first time she'd stepped on board with Mace, desperate to flee her life with Anakin.

Thoughts of Anakin, again, found her when she thought of all the places they'd run, all the trouble he'd went to, all the things he had brought her back in a desperate attempt to make her happy. More tears. He really had tried, and tried hard. She'd just never been able to make him grasp the fact that she only loved him, and not what he could do for her.

She supposed that was her failure as much as it was his.

Now she had woken from one nightmare to find herself in almost as bleak a reality. Padme lacked control in this life just as she had in the one with Anakin, except here there were no comforts and no love. She would wait, with baited breath, until an unknown time at which the twins were returned to her. And she could no more prevent Mace from taking them out again than she could fight him, because the Republic was dead, and she'd allowed their small family to be voluntarily kidnapped, and she truly had no power, anymore.

She would wait for them, looking out the stormy window in what was simply one Hell she'd traded for another.


Chapter 15

Note: The last quarter of this chapter is explicit. Readers under adult age are not allowed to read this chapter. In pursuing, you agree that you are 18 years or older.


Anakin sat on Padme's bed. His back to the door as he wiped a tear away from his face with the back of his gloved hand. One of his many visits to her empty room in the past week or so. A midnight breeze blew the door to the veranda open. He snapped to his feet, for a moment thinking the past week had been a dream. That Padme was out on the balcony with the children fast asleep in her arms, waiting for him... the soft glow of moonlight illuminating her precious face. But it was not to be. He looked out. It was only the wind. Howling, laughing at him. Anakin walked across the room and slammed the glass door closed. The force of which shattered one of the little square windows inside of it.

He looked down at his hand. Blood seeped from a cut on his wrist and dripped to the floor. Colla, who stood outside of Padme's bedroom watching him, started to race in, carrying a rose colored handkerchief. But he stopped her cold with a wave of his hand, dismissing her to the hall again. He was afraid of himself. Afraid of what he might do to one of the poor woman as well as the other servants for not taking care of Padme. For not keeping watch over her and the children as he instructed them to. But what good would crushing them do? It wouldn't bring Padme or the children back. 

Anakin reminded himself of Obi Wan's words. In fact, he reminded himself of all the words Obi Wan had spoken to him throughout his life. Words he listened to, remembered, but never took the time to heed. It was his own stubbornness that was the cause of Anakin's pain. Not Padme.

The tighter he held to her, the more she slipped through his fingers. Hadn't Obi Wan told him the perils of attachment? Hadn't Master Yoda? He was going to change. He really was. But it was too late! Padme didn't love him anymore. And who could blame her? He had stolen her dreams. Destroyed the Republic she worked so hard to build. He treated her like a captive and not his loving wife. That beautiful, beautiful, woman he fell in love with when he was a young man. The soft spoken but strong queen of Naboo. The woman who supported his entire career. And look at what he had done to hers! Why?

Because he feared her. Because he feared the loss of power. The power of being Emperor. That Padme, a staunch supporter of democracy would  stand against him. And because Anakin loved her so much, he would let her. Which would have caused the other senators to rebel and stand against him too. He couldn't allow it. So he did what he could to sabotage any attempt she would make toward a future campaign for office, keeping her stressed and consumed with their maritial problems. Anakin also kept his beloved Padme under lock and key. And not only because he feared what she'd do to him politically... but because she was his. He didn't want to share her with anyone. Only the children. And there were even limits to that!

BAH! What a selfish fool he had been. And what did he have to show for it? An empty house.

Yes, empty. The servants didn't count. It's not like they talked to him anyway. Anakin understood why they feared him so. But he resented it none the less. Their selfish cowering and overeager attempts to appease him only made him more arrogant. Arrogant enough to believe his own lies... that oppressing Padme was the right thing to do.

Colla stood in the hallway beside the Padme's bedroom door, awaiting Anakin's instructions. He  walked out, and cast a sideward glance at the au pair, his eyes roving down to her heaving chest, then coldly turned his head to walk down the stairs to his office. Anakin's office was a control room that allowed him to speak by holoscreen with generals and garrisons posted throughout the Republic. There, he could also review the surveillance footage of Padme being swept away by a black suited stranger for the thousandth time. A stranger who had the powers of Jedi and used those powers to mind trick an elite group of storm troopers into a broom closet.

Anakin sighed. When he first saw the black storm trooper with his own eyes, he noticed a panel flashing across his chest. And soon realized the armor the black storm trooper wore was also a life support suit. The mask was so loud that Anakin couldn't hear what Padme was saying or whether or not she had known the man previously. 

Anakin typed a code into the database, his tired eyes scanning through dozens of electronic messages - in search of the long awaited results from Coruscant's med center. Records of any major surgeries involving a black life support suit. A message had gone out and doctors all over the Republic scrambled for details. But it was a facility in the Outer Rim, on the LoSIK system, that claimed to have serviced a badly burnt man almost five years ago, putting him in an all black life support suit under the instructions of a tiny, mysteriously cloaked old man.

Anakin rose, his senses blaring. He had idea of who it was. But couldn't make himself believe it. Five years ago... Mace Windu had been sent down a scorching black hill on Mustafar where he exploded in flames after a spark ignited his clothes. This was after his limbs had been severed. Survival seemed unlikely. But he would learn the truth soon enough.

Anakin pulled a switch, shutting down the power grid to the database. Midnight had long passed. Anakin's eyes wore dark bags beneath them and the whites within them were cracked and red. One of his advisors, a bony man with sharp cheekbones who went by the name of Grand Moff Tarkin, begged him to sleep, to get a hold of himself before he lost his senses completely. "You wouldn't want me to be forced to assume power on your behalf would you?  A man can't live without sleep and not go insane."

But Anakin shrugged the advisor off. He did not think of himself as a mere man. He was a Jedi. And the most powerful Jedi in the 25,000 year history of the Order.

Anakin walked up the stairs again. In his heart he felt so empty and lost. As bad as he felt when he left his mother to become a Jedi. His consolation then was that he had found Padme. 

Anakin had no one now. It was lonely at the top.

Anakin made it to the next level of the house and walked through the hall. He he glimpsed Padme's room a final time for the night, then continued toward his room. Halfway there, he saw Colla, walking out of the children's bedroom in her billowy white nightgown.

"Colla," he called, a firmness to his lips. "Why are you still awake?"

Colla wrung the handkerchief she carried in her hands. "I'm so worried about the children, my lord."

Anakin grimaced. Had she watched them better, the children and Padme would be still be there. His eyes roved over the woman's ample bust.

Anakin circled her slightly, then drew close to her face, a sudden hunger in his eyes. Colla shrank away from him at first, then seeing that he meant her no harm, she met his eyes.

"My lord?" Colla chewed her bottom lip, backing away.

"Come to my bedroom," he said, his voice a seductive whisper. 

"My lord-"

"I don't think Padme's coming back..."  And he couldn't bear the idea of being alone.

Colla shook her head, "I couldn't-"

"You think I don't sense your thoughts?"

And this time, her eyes popped. Colla had often mumbled quietly to herself how she'd give her right leg to trade places with ungrateful Padme. Had he really read her thoughts?  

Anakin took a reluctant Colla by the hand and led her to his bedroom.

She wanted to resist him. She really did. But he was her master. How could she refuse him? What about her job? The children were gone. Colla weighed the pros and cons. Despite her envy, she still thought of herself as Padme's confidant. Though, more his than hers. But she wanted him. Wanted him badly. The betrayal was all his doing. She could tell this to herself for the rest of her life. Anakin Skywalker was too powerful to resist. She couldn't turn away her lustful employer.

Anakin held her gaze as he peeled out of his shirt and tossed it across the room. He didn't see Colla before him. He saw Padme.

In his haste, he didn't even give Colla time to take her clothes off. He fell to the bed, unbuckling his pants as he pulled her between his legs.

Colla looked up from her position on the floor, "Master Skywalker I can't-" she started. But he pulled her to him, his hand on the back of her head as she took him into her mouth. Ecstacy gripped Anakin as he moved himself in and out Colla's throat against the vacuum-like suction of her cheeks and the sound of her tongue as it smacked and licked the little secretions that escaped his erect staff. He felt his stomach tense but rebelled.

Colla pressed her hands onto Anakin's muscular thighs, her eyes opening ocassionally to his pelvic and strands of sandy colored hair.  She enjoyed his taste and relished the idea of Anakin enjoying her lesser known talent. Resisting him moments ago, even if slightly, made her feel better about depth to which she had sunk for survival.

With the children gone and out of the house, Master Skywalker no longer needed an au pair. But Colla had found ways of keeping busy, and did her best to make herself useful in the compound. But the other servants made it clear that she was in the way.  Boy would they come to regret how poorly they treated her! When morning comes and she's running the house as Mistress... Colla attacked Anakin renewed vigor, her tongue slipping upward to curl around the end of his shaft, her body tingling with various sensations and desires hoping he would take her soon.

Anakin felt Colla slipping away and pushed her mouth over him again, wishing the act could on forever... well, not forever. He'd never find Padme that way, but long enough to get him through the night. What was he doing?  

Anakin felt his muscles tense again. He pushed even deeper into her throat, until he felt the stretching of her mouth and suctioning of her cheeks had reached its limit. He groaned, shook, and released a warm moist nut on the wall of her throat. Colla swallowed, moving her head up and down his throbbing length until he was finished, moaning as she swallowed and licked away remnants of any gooey secretions.

Anakin slowly sat up, his eyes closed. Sweat trickled down his muscular abdomen. Colla leaned forward and licked it away. He opened his eyes and looked at her... his resentment for the servants rising again. How easy and willing they were to give him his way. Had they any integrity whatsoever? His mother was a slave but she had pride,  never groveled, humbled herself or sacrificed her dignity for anyone. But his servants? He hated them all... the groveling synchophants...  And look how quickly Colla had been willing to betray Padme. Anakin suddenly disliked the woman immensely. Colla moved to peel away her nightgown, her eyes bold as she stared into his, no longer the shy whispering woman he had known so many months.

Anakin made a fist.

Colla gasped then rolled out of bed, her hands rising to her neck, a shocked expression her eyes when she realized what he was doing to her and that her life was about to come to a sudden end. It had all happened so quickly... she would speak, plea for her small life... but the words would not come. So she fell back into the abyss of the afterlife wishing there she had had the chance to choose differently.

Anakin climbed out of bed then stood over her lifeless body.

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