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Rainfall Deux (mature readers only)

Title: Rainfall Deux (The Life of Tam and Xan).

Summary: We last left Tam and Xan beside the fiery embers of Mumbi's crumbling apartment as ex-Jedi Xanatos stole off with her and their child in the night. Rainfall Deux picks up on Telos, where she is forced into marriage with Xanatos, and under the stress and duress of his lust and revenge.

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Chapter 1

POSTRainfall1: Conclusion to Rainfall Over Coruscant

For a time, their lives became the farce of a perfect little family. Some days after arriving on Telos, Xanatos arranged for a small private service. They were married inside the mansion’s chapel; the wait-staff served as witnesses, while little Omega did triple duty of best man, maid of honor and ring-bearer. Xanatos neglected work, leaving it to the hands of the board. He spent all of his free time with a lively Omega and a solemn Tam. He was good to her, to Omega; he played with his child during the day and made love to his wife at night.

Tam thought that maybe he was intent on getting her pregnant again. She’d taken a trip into the city privately inquiring about abortive methods native to this place. She didn’t want to have another child with him; she couldn’t love this man, no matter how hard he tried to please her. Xanatos learned of her inquiries. He was saddened and hurt and did his best not to rip her throat out. Instead, he put three bodyguards on her; there was no place she could go where he couldn’t find her or find out what she’d been up to. To make up for her indiscretion, she’d responded when he made love to her.

Eventually work and other things called to him again. He’d come home, happy to see both Tam and Omega, but there always appeared to be a look of distraction in his face. Sometimes, he’d speak openly and to no one about his plans for the Jedi. He mentioned an Obi-Wan and how he could never be as good a padawan for Qui as he once was. Tam was always fearful of him once these trances set in; he’d mumble and there’d be a look of wild intent in his eyes. She feared he was losing his mind, but then he’d find himself, or so he said when he was inside of her. Soon, she did become pregnant again. A girl named Iso-Xani. And for a time, Xanatos was stable, happy to be a father again, Omega was overly curious about his new sibling and Tam continued to tolerate her existence, taking joy only in her children and hoping and praying for the day where she could escape this madness.

Often, she thought of Mumby. Xanatos had kept her away from the holovids and computers, not wanting her to know of the aftermath of she and Omega’s “death scene”. If only she had the chance to make it right, to tell Mumby the truth, she would, but Xanatos wouldn’t allow it, not a phone call, not even a singular transmission, nothing. She realized with all consuming clarity that her dreams had indeed come true; her nightmares, even. She would get away from him soon enough, taking her children with her, escaping in the dead of night, if she had to. He was a monster when she met him and now he was even more abominable:

Tam entered into the bedroom from the doorway leading from the nursery. Finally, she’d gotten Iso fed and put to bed. Omega had fallen asleep shortly thereafter. The rains picked up outside; the wind coming in off the sea howled at every corner of the house. The bedroom was dark save for the light from the fireplace. She walked to the bed, expecting to find Xanatos lying in wait, but the bed was empty. She shrugged off the silk robe she wore and laid it at the foot of the bed. She climbed inside, silk rustling against silk. She lay back, settling into comfort, looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

The door opened. She heard him walk through the room into the adjoining fresher. As he showered, she willed her body to sleep. Just as she was about to slip, she felt the press of his weight into the bed behind her. He slid his body against hers, pushing her to turn over. She lay unmoved and his anger rise; he hated when she tried to refuse him. A hand gripped at her gown, pulling and lifting.

“No, Xan. I’m not in the mood,” she explained. His hand found purchase on her thigh. He pressed, pushing her into the bed as he hovered above her. He didn’t reply; he just ignored her protest. He lifted her rear into the air and his body settled against it.

“Not in the mood? Then why are you wearing no underwear?” He asked, words slurring. He’d been drinking again.

He touched her, sinking his fingers deep inside. He moaned loudly and began to thrust. Tam put her hands against the headboard and held on. In these moments she felt like the whore he claimed her to be; the pleasure slave. His moods confused and infuriated her. In one moment, he’d be as sweet and warm as a father and husband proclaiming to love his family could be; but in the next, he’d treat her like trash, like he did back on Coruscant, having his way with her however he pleased. Then afterwards he’d feel bad and apologize and do something nice for her or for the kids to make it up to her. This was madness and she could never love him this way.

She spread her legs wanting this to be over with. He positioned himself, and then began pressing his length into her. He swore and cursed as she captured his shaft, squeezed and began to meet his thrusts. He rocked her this way for a while, then he pulled out, pressing his length against her other entrance. He always tried this with her; surprisingly enough he hadn’t forced her to do this one thing, for she always found a way out of it, like now. She turned and kneeled before him. In the dim light she could see him smile. He pressed his moist length against her face, sliding it along her mouth. She held him, and then took him deep, all the way inside. He moaned as he thrust away, burying himself deeper in her throat. She quelled the urge to gag. Using her tongue she massaged his length as he pushed in and out. Soon, he came in long hot spurts inside her mouth. She swallowed knowing how he liked kissing her afterwards, tasting himself in her mouth.

She often wondered if he were experimenting or trying different things, sexually, with someone else. She wondered how he had the time to ‘mess around’ while running an inter-galactic corporation and plotting revenge against the Jedi faction. He obsessed a lot over an Obi-Wan Kenobi. Often the short trips he took were to ensnare and trap this young Jedi; Xanatos had mumbled as much in his sleep. If she were no longer the object of his lust, why didn’t he just let her go? On the next day he announced he’d be gone for several days.
“Another ‘Jedi’ quest?” She asked while eating breakfast. She fed Iso and looked on while Omega poked at his plate of food. She looked up and found Xanatos giving her a cold stare.

“Well?” She prompted.

He rose and walked to her end of the table. He grabbed her by the chin, holding her in a painful grip. He bent and kissed her smoothly on the lips.

“Don’t try anything stupid while I’m gone.” He held her gaze, waiting on her answer. Slowly, she nodded, realizing what an absolute freak he really was. He released her and grabbed Iso. He kissed her, mumbled some words to her then set her back in her baby chair. He walked over to Omega and kissed him goodbye as well. The child hollered and cried as he saw Xanatos leave through the doorway. She grabbed up Iso and pulled Omega from his seat.

“He’ll be back, O. In the meantime, what do you say to us going for a sail?”
The child quickly perked up, tears drying on his face as he yelled his glee. He released her hand as he ran up the stairs in front of her. She pulled Iso higher onto her hip as she climbed, glancing in her peripheral the bodyguards Xan set up for her standing outside the front door. She could escape them easily. She’d been formulating this plan for some time now. It would have to work; it was time she left this place. She called the limo to wait for her in the front of the house. She’d packed a small satchel full of Iso’s baby care and a change of clothes for she and Omega.

She and the kids waited out of sight underneath the stairwell. The limo’s horn blew. Soon the guards became concerned and stormed into the house; one took off around the back. She waited until they were gone. Together all three bolted to the door. She hopped inside the limo instructing the driver to ascend and accelerate. She turned in the window and saw the guards run out of the house. She had the driver bank low and to the left over the cliff alongside the front of the property. She hopped out and yelled to him to go into town, to the transport arena. She held tight to Iso and Omega clung to her hand, asking her where the boat was.

“We have to walk a little bit to get there, O, but it’s coming. Are you excited?”

He nodded his enthusiasm, and then asked where ‘daddy’ was. She rolled her eyes not wanting to explain just yet, so she replied, “he’s going to meet us there,” and hoped that would suffice. After some time, they rounded the next bend. Those bodyguards would be on a wild goose chase inside the city by now. The longshoreman she’d hired for this small caper met her and the kids. He helped her onto the boat, providing her with robes and wraps in the style and fashion of the sea-fairing Telosians. Together, they’d sail to the South Seas to a small island called Eroica. It was where she was born where she’d lived with her mother until that day. Xanatos wouldn’t know this. Staying here would buy her and the kids a couple of months of “searching”. At the shore, she’d strewn articles of clothing, making it appear as though she’d sacrificed herself and her kids to the sea. It was a cruel trick, but one he’d never guess she could play. After some months of ‘hiding’ she would book transport to Nippur; she had friends there.

She just couldn’t stay with him. He was crazy. She thought about all he’d done, all she’d allowed him to do to her and realized that all in all it was total sickness. She thought on all the men she’d been with; and how maybe it had something to do with her and her bit past that screwed those relationships up. She had it good with Mumby, but let a beautiful stranger talk and force her into otherwise. Never again, she thought. She had her kids, the one good thing out of all of this. She’d raise them on Nippur, away from all things crazy (Xanatos, Jedi, the Republic, the War, all of it).

One week later, she and the kids were pronounced dead at sea. Xanatos refused comments, but the pictures in the holovids did him justice where his grief was concerned. It was rumored later that he was indeed ‘off his rocker’; grief and something else consumed him and he did disastrous things and committed horrid atrocities. At the end of her stay in Eroica, she’d read of his death by pool of acid. He went down screaming his hatred of his former master and his padawan, Obi-Wan. She was able to come out of hiding then, laying claim to all of his estate.

On an impromptu trip to Coruscant, she’d left the kids behind on Telos. She found Mumby and upon seeing him at a distance, didn’t have the heart to make herself known. He walked with a young lady, hair in the form of an Afro; together they strolled along the walkways of the Gardens. He seemed happy and it was enough for her. She returned to Telos, cashed out on all of Xanatos’s assets, selling the company and the stock to the highest bidder. Once again, she packed up her kids and booked private transport to Yavin. There she raised her children in peace. Omega often spoke of his father. Iso never had the chance to know him. Once they were older she promised that she’d explain everything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She was right. He still loved her, desired her; she was the mother to his children, after all. But his fixation on his replacement, Obi-Wan, reigned tantamount in his mind. He’d tried on numerous occasions to capture him; having succeeded once, he found himself pulled in another direction towards his prisoner. Obi-Wan had succeeded where Xan had lost; but didn’t he willingly give up being a Jedi regardless of Qui’s disappointment in him?

He stroked the hilt of the lightsaber as he waited in the control room of the factory. Bant walked around the facility securing the trap they’d set for both Jedi. He sat heavily in one of the chairs. Igniting his saber he watched as the red light crackled and glowed. He grew hard as the vibrations of the saber passed through his arm and throughout his body. Sparring and/or fighting always aroused him; knowing that he was on the verge of capturing Obi-Wan fed his growing erection. He disengaged the saber and reached a hand to stroke himself. Who knew what he’d do once he got the petulant Jedi under his belt?

A call signaled in through his comlink. He answered. It was his bodyguards back at his mansion. They informed him that Tam escaped along with the kids. Currently they were searching the grounds and in the city. Xan’s temper flared; something, a premonition perhaps, told him that she would attempt something. Everyday was a new day. Either he loved her or hated her, but with his kids there was always love. He resented Tam for never allowing him in, even after a year, she was as cold and as distant as she could be. She tried his patience time and time again with her smart mouth and cutting words. He remembered the time she meant to abort their baby. He almost killed her in that moment.

Instead, he took her back home and f_cked her silly, but squeezing her neck to let her know his threat. He would not tolerate her this way.

Later, as he looked on at the figure of a young Obi-Wan bruised and battered, he thought of Tam’s trite comment. Yes, he was fascinated with this one. He lifted Obi’s head forcing him to stare into his eyes. Xanatos tasted the mouth of Qui-Gon’s new charge. Obi didn’t object, but continued to drift in and out of consciousness. Xanatos turned his body over. By morning, Obi lay ravaged and bruised even more. Xanatos snapped his lightsaber back into place. He answered the comlink telling him of Tam and the children’s things found along the rocky shores below the cliff. He couldn’t react, couldn’t respond. He heard the low moans of the young Jedi on the bed behind him. He turned and swung upon him, beating his body with clenched fists as he cried. He instructed Bant to keep watch on the jedi, while he went to his home. Reporters charged him and he cursed them even unleashing his lightsaber upon them. Inside the home the wait staff recounted that mornings proceedings; the bodyguards were careful to explain away how succinctly Tam had tricked them all. He went down to the shore and sat upon the cold rock. He had nothing now.

He returned to the factory where he found Bant and Obi in a duel. A voice called to him from behind. He and Qui fought until the master had the former apprentice cornered in the chemical transfer room. Xanatos practically foamed at the mouth as he cursed Qui-Gon for the death of his father, his wife and kids and now for the death of himself. Qui moved to stop him, but Xan threw his saber to the side as he hung from a gangplank over a vat of bubbling acid. Qui yelled, “No!” and Xanatos replied, “Yes,” as he felt the acid eat away at the flesh of his body. He thought of Tam and his babies and hoped the gods would be kind enough to allow him to see them once again. As he burned, he realized somewhere he f_cked up, not his father or Qui-Gon or Tam, but him, yes, him. Still there was nothing he could do about it now. He cursed the Jedi to the pits of Sith-Hell as he swallowed a mouthful of burning fluid.

Chapter 2

POSTRainfall2: The Way It Is (the wedding night)




Four…Fifteen more steps to the bottom of the stairs.

Outside, rain beat against the roof splattering the windows. Arriving on this planet, after having been kidnapped by Xanatos, she woke to the sound of it. Earlier that morning, as she stood perched upon a footstool, busy seamstresses chattered away while wrapping her body in folds of taffeta, organza and silk. Omega giggled as he looked on at his mother cocooned in the white fabrics. Downstairs, Xanatos barked orders to the staff; lowering his voice only when speaking to the clergyman he’d arranged to marry them. But even the buzz of this particular morning could do nothing to muffle the sound of the rain.

Lightning struck outside the window as Tam’s naked feet touched the floor of the entranceway. She jerked in response, fastening the tie of her robe more tightly about her. It was late. Omega was asleep; storms like this never seemed to bother the little one. She left Xanatos in bed, sound asleep, as well. After suffering through three rounds of his lovemaking, the joints in her hips creaked with each stepping motion. She pushed through the large doors of the study, closing them behind her as she proceeded into the room. Telecom, telecom, where was it? She moved in front of his desk, clicked on the lamp and began searching for the device. Finding it, she picked it up and clicked off the lamp. She stumbled through the darkened room waiting for the lightning to strike again. Glass doors opened onto the patio; she would make the call there.

Bare feet touched wet wood as she moved to the edge of the structure. She flicked open the telecom and began dialing Mumby’s number. She stopped in mid-dial as she realized that she wasn’t on Coruscant anymore…how do you call off-planet? She dialed “0” and waited as the lined connected.

“Telos Telecom, how may I assist you?”

“Yes, I need to be connected off-planet. Can, can you help me with that?”

The storm picked up speed and its winds blew leaves and other outdoor debris onto the porch. She backed into the wall, holding down the folds of her robe from its swift gales.

“Where to, off-planet?” The nasily voice asked.

“Coruscant,” she replied.

“One moment please,” the voice said.

She meant to do this earlier, but couldn’t get away. After the ceremony, they had a small formal dinner just for themselves. Soon after Omega was put to bed, Xanatos had put ‘her’ to bed and kept her there until now. She thought back on the ceremony, on the exchange of vows. There were none, not really and she’d never said, “yes” to anything. Xanatos had stated his vows to her and when it was her turn, she refused; but he held influence over her with his use of the Force. He coerced her into saying “yes” and the priest and little O were none the wiser. Even so, Mumby was heavy on her mind. She tried to push her thoughts of him back so that Xanatos wouldn’t suspect. And as it was, it seemed to have worked.

“What is the extension?”

“Ummm, it’s 0-284-536-Quad419-773…I think. I need to link to ‘Mumby Daiyo’,” she answered.


“Yes, yes it is.”

Static erupted into the line. So, she walked further along the patio as it curved around to the back of the house, hoping to gain a better signal. Her feet were wet and the trails of her robe were now soaked.

“I’m connecting your call now,” the operator stated. The line rang and her heart beat with anticipation. What would she say to him? Should she explain everything? Tell him where she was? Plan an escape? She didn’t know what…but she knew she had to hear his voice.

The line clicked and a voice answered, “Hello?”

A woman? Who? Maybe it’s his mother, she thought.

“May I speak to Mumby?” She asked.

“He’s uhh, unavailable right now…can I take a message?”

“A message?” She asked dumbly. She expected him to answer. Suddenly she grew sad as she realized…Mumby thought she and Omega were dead. Sh_t.

“Look, I really need to talk to him. Can you please get him for me?”

“Who is this?”

“A friend. I heard about what happened and I…”

“He’s not stable enough to speak to anyone right now. His girlfriend and son were just killed in an explosion. You’ll have to leave a message…I’ll pass it on,” the woman said.

“Tell him that Ta---.”

The line went dead. She shook the phone, looked at it, pressed buttons but nothing happened. Lightning streaked the sky and the thunder that followed shook the house underneath her feet. Maybe if she went back into the house, the phone would connect again. She turned and padded her way back around to the study doors. She walked into the room and headed to the desk. Finding the telecom’s matching console, she reset it, pressed the button to “on” and listened as the line dialed. She backed into the chair and reached to turn the seat around. Lightning struck loudly just outside the window. As she moved to seat herself, warm hands grasped her at the waist and yanked her down. She gasped, dropping the phone as she looked upon the angry face of her husband, Xanatos.

“What are you doing?” He asked coolly.

He pulled her more firmly into his lap. He wore only his nightpants; the silky material moved against the silk of her robe and she began to slide from his lap. He pulled at her and at the material.

“Wh-what?” She asked nervously, her heart beating rapidly. What lie could she give him? Would he believe her if she came up with a good one?

“I said…what…are…you…doing?” His grip tightened on her hips. He pulled roughly at her. She moved against him, struggling to free herself, to get out of his lap and across the room.

“Nothing,” she answered.

“Liar,” he growled. His hand reached over the side of the chair. He summoned the phone from the floor. He held it to his ear as the operator asked for a connection number. “Can you retransmit the number you connected a minute ago?” He asked.

He stared at her, his purple eyes cruel and bitter. “And who was the resident?”

Tam jerked her body from the chair, stumbling, then falling to the floor. His hand grasped her wrist and he held her tightly as she pulled from him.

“Mumby Daiyo?” His eyebrows rose. “No, I don’t need the connection, afterall. Thank you,” he ended while closing the unit and tossing it across the room. It landed against a shelf, cracking a vase that sat there. She turned and watched the pieces fall. He continued holding her wrist. With his other hand, he massaged his brow as he sighed loudly. The storm raged outside and she shook with fear as she knelt next to him. He turned the chair so that he fully faced her. He leaned forward reaching for her other arm. She pulled away, but he grabbed her shoulder and held her still. The one hand slid down to her other wrist. He pulled both together, pulling her forward until she felt his breath upon her face. She closed her eyes, not knowing what he would do next.

“What did we do today, Tam?” He asked slowly, eyes closed, hands flexing upon her wrists. She wanted to pull away again, but as it was she would have bruises enough on tomorrow.

“Today…” she began. “Today was mostly a blur, Xan; it’s the beginning of the end,” she offered bravely. He shook her. “What happened today?” He yelled.

“You married me…”

“Yes, yes. You are a married woman now,” he said, fingers stroking the bruised wrists. “To love, honor and obey I believe was the line…why were you calling him?” The motion of his fingers stopped as he waited. Just what did he want her to admit to? He knew what she’d done.

“I wanted to talk to him…tell him what happened, everything…”

“You can’t do that,” he said shaking his head. “You are dead to him, dead…just think what an emotional wreck he is right now; and for you to call him and upset him further…that’s not good, Tam, not good at all,” he said while bringing her hands in for a kiss. His lips caressed the limp digits.

“Since when do you care about him? You did this! You! I didn’t want you. I don’t want you, ever! I want to be with Mumby!” She cried.

His eyes grew wide, color flushed his cheeks in the semi-darkness; she felt him tremble with rage. He always hated her backtalk. She waited, tears sliding from her eyes. He looked away, his expression hurt but thoughtful. His fingers upon her wrists tightened and before she knew what happened she found herself thrown against the floor. He moved over her, shoving her legs apart. He turned, reaching into a drawer in the desk. He held her wrists with one hand while with the other he pulled a pair of handcuffs from inside. She gasped when she saw the metal rings. She kicked at him and he squeezed her wrists tighter. He summoned a large chair; it screeched as it slid on four legs across the parquet flooring. He pressed her wrists into the nearest leg and fastened the cuffs to it.

“Don’t ever say his name again…not in this house, not around me.”

She pulled at the cuffs but they wouldn’t release. Xanatos loomed over her, his hands seeking inside the folds of the robe.

“Don’t do this, Xanatos, please…” She begged.

He turned her over; she lay partially on her side and stomach. The floor was cold and hard. She cried as she felt him lift the robe. His hands squeezed her backside; he paused in the motion, rearing backwards he planted a hard slap upon the soft flesh. She yelped and he growled. He hit her again, but this time the strike was softer. He stopped and rubbed and squeezed the globes and then proceeded to spank her more. She moaned disgusted with his actions, disgusted with herself splayed half-naked on the floor.

“You are not to call him…do you hear me?” He smacked her again. It didn’t hurt as much; the strike was meant to be more humiliating than painful. He was a bastard, a monster…

“Tam,” he leaned in, “if he comes here looking for you, I might have to kill him. Do you understand?” He asked.

She breathed loudly and struggled to move away as she felt another swipe. His fingers dug into the flesh; he reached and stroked her center from behind. His finger sank deep and with the other hand he struck again.

“Stay away from the damn phone. Stop thinking about him, you’re with me now…do you hear me?” He asked, his voice surprisingly softer.

She nodded and twitched as she felt him sink yet another finger deep inside of her.

“Say it…”

“I hear you, Xan,” she answered defeated. He massaged her ass again while his fingers thrust in and out. Soon she was wet and ready and mortified at her body’s response to this. She felt him move in closer. The tip of his sex pressed against her opening and he pushed inside. She gasped as he filled her from behind. She pulled against the constraints of the handcuff. The chair rocked as her body was thrust upon. He lifted her leg, allowing himself room to settle more deeply inside of her, he grunted and moaned and f_cked her silly. She cried out as he assaulted her spot, hitting the tender bundle of nerves over and over again.

It was the beginning of the end, indeed. This was his way of doing things, of hurting her with words and humiliating her with some twisted sex as a repercussion. After he was done, he left her there…on the floor. He didn’t bother to cover her up; her robe was open, displaying her nakedness. He got up, fixed a drink and sat on the couch staring at her. She cried as the storm continued to swell. Xanatos quietly sipped his drink as he looked on at her writhing against the floor. She begged to be released, but he simply ignored her. Finally, he finished his scotch, walked over to her and lifted the chair. He removed the shackles from the chair, but kept them attached to her wrists. He carried her up the stairs, laid her in the bed and lifted her wrists against one of the posts of the headboard. He removed the robe she wore and his sleep pants and covered them both with the bedspread.

She cried herself to sleep, waking to find him gazing at her, his fingers moving inside or stroking her breasts. Her arms hurt from the strain of being tied to the bed. She woke once more to find that he’d removed the binds. She rubbed her wrists and turned away from him, somehow drifting back to sleep. When she woke again, it was morning and Omega cried from the other room. She went to him, checked on him, got him ready for morning, bathed and dressed him and then herself. Xanatos looked on, gazing at the both of them from across the room. Later, downstairs as they finished breakfast, he finally spoke.

“Do you see, now?”

“See what?” She asked with eyes askew. She fed Omega, devoting all of her attention to the little one.

“If you contact him, it will only make things worse…for you.”

She didn’t reply.

“Tam, are you listening to me?”

“Yes, Xanatos, I hear you. If I’m ‘bad’, you’ll have sex with me and make me feel like the whore you want me to be, but if I’m good we can all live together in ignorant marital bliss, right?”

“Don’t get smart.”

“I don’t love you and I never will. I’ll think of Mumby everyday, ‘coz he’s the one I love. And, as long as I have O, you cannot break me.” She turned her gaze back to Omega. The little boy beat his spoon against the plate of food. He giggled as he saw Xanatos rise from the other end of the table and walk his way. He bent down and picked the little boy up. Omega laughed and hugged at Xanatos’s neck. He turned and began walking out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Tam asked as she stood and followed. Xanatos ignored her. He spoke with Bentley in the hall; the butler nodded and rushed up the stairs. “Xan, what are you doing?”

He turned and looked at her, eyebrows raised, a hint of a smile glimmering in his eyes. “I’m going away for a couple of days…and I’m taking O with me,” he replied.

“The hell you are!” She yelled. She grabbed for her son, but Xanatos pulled away.

“Yes, we are…I’ll leave you alone, here, give you some time to think about things; get your f_cking priorities straight.”

“Priorities?” She yelled. “What the f_ck are you talking about? Give me my son!” She reached again, but this time Xan grabbed her arm and drug her into the study.

“You are making this so difficult, Tam,” he ground out. The little boy began to cry as he saw his mother fall onto the couch. Xanatos turned and shooed at his son. Angry eyes reflected back onto her.

“It never had to be difficult, had you just left me alone like I asked you too…”

“I couldn’t do that!” He yelled, interrupting her. Omega cried truly sensing the tension between his parents. “How many times do I have to explain this to you?” He wailed.

A noise sounded outside the door. Omega continued to cry and reach for his mother. She stood opening her arms to him.

“Three days, Tam…” He turned and motioned for Bentley to load the car.

“Where are you taking him?” She cried openly now.

“You don’t need to know…we’ll be back, soon enough” He turned on his heel and stormed through the door. She ran behind him and down the steps as she watched him pile little Omega into the back of the limo. He cried and reached for her; Xanatos turned and moved her back.

“Don’t call him,” he commanded. He turned and got inside the car. As the car rose into the air, she fell upon the steps and cried. What had she done to warrant this punishment? She sat in the rain for a long time; it became hard to discern what were tears and what were raindrops. Bentley came out and stood over her with a large parasol; he urged her to come inside and finally she did. Just what did ‘he’ think of she and Xan? Surely the wait staff was familiar with eccentricity; was Xan’s father just as much a bastard as he? Was the wait staff used to it all?

For the next three days, she cried her eyes out. She missed her son so much. She was tempted to pick up the phone and call Mumby. She wanted to so badly to call him and have him come rescue her from all of this; but Xanatos said he would kill him first. Everything was so f_cked up. So, she cried even more and drank to soothe away the pain. At the end of the third day, the limo pulled in front of the house. She watched from the bedroom window as Xanatos got out, holding Omega’s hand as the toddler shuffled alongside him. She ran from the room and down the stairs almost tripping over her robe. The door opened and she scooped Omega into her arms, holding him close. The little boy chattered away about a boat and the ocean and…

“Where did you go?” She asked Xanatos.

“The cove…I have a yacht there.”

“Oh…he didn’t get sick did he?” She asked inspecting Omega as he looked on at both of them.

“No,” Xanatos replied while reaching out to stroke Omega’s curly mane. “He’s likes the ocean.”

“I’m going to take him upstairs,” she murmured turning her attention back to her son. “You want to tell me more about the big boat, O?” She asked him. They turned and she carried him to his room. After bathing him, she put him to bed, falling asleep with him for a few moments. It was good to have him back in her arms again.

Later, she found Xanatos in the study, sipping a scotch as he sat brooding, eyes focused on the fire in the hearth. She’d changed into a set of silk pajamas. She walked over to the minibar and fixed herself a drink. The concoction burned as it slid down her throat, but she swallowed back the mouthful anyway. She fixed another, ignoring the heat of his gaze as it scorched her back.

“Since when do you drink so much?” He asked quietly.

“Since you took my son from me,” she replied solemnly.

“He’s my son, too,” he responded.

“Yes, that he is…”

“If I want to spend some time with him, I will.”

“Yes, Xan, I know…but this wasn’t about ‘father-son-time’, this was about punishing me. Do you get off on hurting me? Is that it?” She turned facing him.

“I love him,” he replied swallowing another mouthful of drink, “I love you,” he continued.

“But you didn’t answer the question,” she said.

“I…I don’t mean to hurt you…”

She raised a hand not willing to listen to his excuses. She turned and placed the drink upon the counter. “I’m going to bed.” She made her way to the door, but stopped once he spoke up.

“I see you didn’t make any calls,” he said. She turned and saw him holding the telecom in his hand. He stood and faced her. “Does this mean I can trust you now?”

She stared at him, a look of disbelief on her face. Father-son-time my ass, she thought.

“Yes, Xan, you can trust me not to call Mumby anymore.” She responded wryly. She rolled her eyes as she turned to leave the room. She slept with Omega that night. She heard Xanatos enter the room and knew he looked on as both of them slept. She snuggled closer to Omega; he was where her allegiance lied. By the next morning at breakfast, she and Xanatos seemed to reach an understanding. They both focused on their son, knowing that the rift between them would never fully heal. She let him make love to her at night, sometimes during the day. She suspected he wanted her pregnant again, thinking maybe that another child would bring her closer to him. But she already had a plan in mind for that.

Chapter 3

POSTRainfall3: Days Go By (After the Infamous “Spanking” Scene … Basically, Iso’s Conception)

For a short moment, the cityscape reminded her of Coruscant. Tall buildings of various shape and form lay in silhouetted repose against the cloudy skies of Planet Telos. Airtransport zoomed past, traversing both ground and sky. Tam looked on at the busy activity as she sat nestled in the cool compressed comfort of Xanatos’s limousine. She leaned forward and poured herself another liberal helping of vodka and bitters. Sipping the staunch liquid while gazing upon the evening sky, she wondered why Xanatos had called for her. She was still angry with him; hadn’t spoken to him much within the past couple of days. She certainly hadn’t slept with him; instead she opted for sleeping with her son, Omega.

The car began to descend. She felt it as the thrusters kicked in reverse slowing the flow of velocity lowering the car into the dense traffic of downtown. She swallowed a large gulp, glanced at the remainder, held her breath and drank the rest of it. A bout of nausea washed over her; she shook her head vigorously and stilled the dizziness as she set the glass into the holder. She’d been drinking a lot lately. Usually before Xanatos got home she was already tipsy. She’d put Omega to bed and await her ‘beloved’. With him, everyday was a war. Booze was her ammunition against him. He hated when she drank. Surely he knew the reason why.

As the car pulled in front of Crion Towers, she checked her makeup in a compact mirror. The car stalled and she waited, stuffing the compact into her bag. The door opened and the driver, Bentley waited as she slid from the car. She mumbled a “thank you” to the butler. He nodded, closed the door and got back into the car. She watched as it took off into the night’s traffic. She turned on unsteady legs and walked the length of stone walkway into the building. The lobby was practically empty. Armed guards watched as she passed through the entrance and headed for the receptionist’s desk. A squat Telosian woman dressed in shades of plum and berry spoke softly into a headset, eyes fixed upon the computer screen at the desk. Tam waited at the edge of the desk, glancing about nervously. Why didn’t he just meet me here at the front door? He knows I have no idea where I’m going.

“Mrs. _____?” The receptionist asked.

“Yes, I’m here to see my husband, but I don’t know where his office is.”

The receptionist pointed to the right. There was a darkened corridor.

“Go down the hall and take the private elevator to the top level. He’s waiting for you there,” she replied dismissively before immediately going back to another phone call, averting her gaze.

“Thank you,” Tam responded. She turned and walked past the desk down the hall. She clutched her hands together; the palms were sweaty. Why am I so nervous? With Xanatos there was always something, something threatening. She wasn’t afraid of him, not really, but she didn’t like mystery. And that’s what he was to her, a twisted, dark mystery that lingered like bad dreams. Even in the daylight, just thinking of him and all he’d done to ‘get’ her sent shivers of doom through her body. This was yet another reason why she doused her spirit in alcohol; it helped to numb her so that she wouldn’t be afraid of him.

She stood in front of the private elevator, finding the button for ‘up’ she pressed it and waited for the unit to descend. It didn’t take long. The doors swished open and she stepped inside. Leaning against the wall, suppressing a burp, she watched as the dial illuminated to reveal the transport’s ascension. She closed her eyes and whispered a silent prayer to everyone and no one. She thought of Omega and how she left the adorable tot curled up in his bed asleep. This made her smile; she loved him so much. The box stopped and the doors slid open. She stepped across the threshold into a large room with high ceilings. The lights were out and at the end of the room a large window revealed a nightscape of the city littered with moving lights. Two moons sat high in the heavens standing vigil over the sky. A silhouette of a man interrupted the frame. It turned and began growing smaller as he walked to meet her.

Ghastly, yet beautiful he was as the moonlight caressed his face and the naked chest he bore as he approached. She shivered again at the sight, noting the coldness of the space, the coldness of his touch as he grasped her hands in his. But his breath was warm and the lips, which sought nourishment from her mouth, were warm as well. She let him kiss her. His hands slid along her arms, her shoulders, until they rested at her neck. As his tongue delved deep into her opening mouth, she shivered again, but this time not from the cold. He took note of this and pulled back, smiling. His eyes twinkled in the dim light as they held her gaze. Before finding her voice, she looked away, pulled away until he was just in an arm’s reach of her. She focused her sight on the marble flooring and twiddled with the strap of her handbag as she spoke.

“Why did you call me here?”

He took his time before answering, stepping closer to her. Gently, he grasped her face and lifted her head until she was forced to look upon him.

“Again with the questions, huh, Tam?” He said while smiling. “I’ve missed you for the past couple of days.”

“But I’ve seen you everyday since…”

“You know what I mean,” he said as his other hand caressed her backside. It stopped and he squeezed her there through the thin fabric of the dress she wore. She was careful to select this number. It was long, extremely long, with long sleeves and a high neck collar. She’d purposely chosen it to divert any unwanted attention, but as it was, the dress fit her every curve. Still, it didn’t matter. She could wear body armor or a costume of wookie fur and Xanatos would still want her.

“I want to go back home,” she said while attempting to pull away from his tightening grasp. He pulled her closer, her front touching his; she felt him, even through the thick fabric of his tunics, felt him hard and ready. She swallowed and tried again pulling away as his other hand encircled her neck. He squeezed lightly as he said, “Don’t…” His face took on a mask of seriousness and again she heard the sounds of battle drums in the distance. So it begins…again, she thought. She closed her eyes against the nausea threatening to overtake her. She wished she had drunk more of the stout liquid.

“You’ve been drinking again, haven’t you?” He asked, eyes hard, seeking and searching for the truth already known to him.

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to,” she fired back at him. The pupils in his eyes shuttered; the flickering of emotion he held reign to was evidenced inside those purple irises. But he calmed himself and before she knew it, he whisked her up into his arms and walked her to the far side of the room.

“Where are you taking me?” She mumbled as her head fell against his hard chest. Naturally, her arms encircled his neck. She held to the beast; she was a willing captive now, transfixed by the beatific horror of her ensnarement and consequent capture. Was this to be her life? Forever caught and captured time and time again by the enemy? Since when did she allow herself to become a spoil of war?

She asked herself these things as he took her inside a suite just off of the office area. The room was cream in color. The large bed with plush pillows and other soft fabrics was a stark contrast to the outer office area. Even the floor, a natural wood grain was covered with rugs and more pillows. The wall, just at the foot of the bed held a large fireplace, which burned brightly, casting playful beams of light on the surroundings. He walked her to the bed and lowered her there. She fell back against the cushions. Her body cried out, wanting to lie and stretch against comfort; but in her mind, she felt the fear rise. He stood over her, eyes hard, breath harsh. She closed her eyes and swore she heard his heart beat.

“I need a drink,” she mumbled as she attempted to roll out of the large bed.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” He asked while kicking away the slippers he wore. He grabbed her by the ankles and turned her body back to the bed. She rolled against her side and began to kick as she felt his hands fussing with the strappy heels she wore.

“Xanatos, stop it!” She yelled, cried, moaned into the pillows.

“Well you take them off! And while you’re at it, take off that dress, too.”

He let go of her feet. She felt a rush of air as he moved away from the bed. She laid there for a moment listening. He’d left the room. Frantically, she glanced around looking for another exit. Before she could slide from the bed, he entered again, carrying with him a drink. He strode to the bed; his face stern as he looked on at her yet clothed form.

“Get naked,” he commanded.

“My drink, please.”

One hand reached for the strap on her shoe and the other reached for the drink. She fumbled with the heel until the clasp released, and then she moved on to the other. He watched, gaze cold as the night sky. She finished with the other shoe and threw it to the floor.

“The dress, Tam.”

She stilled him with a gaze and placed the glass to her lips. It was full of vodka; hadn’t he spiked it with anything? She began to swallow; held her breath and sucked it down. Her head titled at a weird angle as she poured the rest of the liquid down her throat. She closed her eyes, feeling the fiery substance coat her insides. She heard a moan and before opening her eyes, felt his hands upon her. He’d watched her drink and obviously it turned him on. He grabbed the glass and threw it into the fireplace. It crashed, breaking into a billion pieces as it landed. She watched the fallout, ignoring his grunts as he fussed with the zipper. Finally, he ripped the dress open; warm air washed over the exposed skin. She felt her nipples tighten at the coup.

Xanatos pulled her arms through the sleeves and then lifted the dress from her body. She wore only a pair of panties, white cotton, functional and not too frilly. He pushed her back into the bed, slid the panties down and off and then began to undo his trousers. She closed her eyes not wanting to see him. Why does he always have to take me by force? She thought this and then laughed, closing her eyes, turning over and away from him. She continued to laugh not caring if he demanded to know why. She laughed because it was all her fault. They fought when it came to this, because she was not willing. Maybe if I just give into him, things will be better…just not say a word, not do anything, not think anything, just… Suddenly an image in her mind appeared and she felt on the verge of hysterics at the emotion that hit her so hard. Mumby.

The mattress sank where he moved in next to her. Surely he’d heard her thinking, saw whom she envisioned. He grasped at her shoulder, pressing her back against the bed. His hand stroked her face and those amethyst eyes seared her soul as he leaned in, kissing her face, her eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. She sighed into his touch and somewhere in the back of her mind a door opened to allow her this gentle moment. He pulled back and they stared at one another. She looked upon him as if seeing him for the first time. But just as soon as she remembered their ‘first time’, she remembered everything else. Xanatos saw the conflict in her eyes, felt her body stiffen against his touch. Surely he heard the drums beating in the distance again.

She pushed against him, against the alabaster torso that covered her body halfway. She felt the thick beam of his erection poke against her thigh. Before she could push again, he grasped her arms, her wrists, lifted them back against the padded headboard. She struggled underneath him and began kicking. He ignored this, as his hands were busy fastening cuffs around her wrists. What the hell? Not this *beep* again, she thought. He would do this to her anyway; take her even as she’s not willing to be taken. Monster! She roared internally. Swiftly he moved over her body, pressing the solid mass of his body against her own. His sex licked at her lower belly; the weeping eye drooling against the soft flesh there.

She struggled again and wondered where her voice had gone. His body hovered. She stared at the smoothness of his chest, seeing the sweat, which glistened there.

“Don’t move too much or these cuffs will bruise you,” he said as his hand slicked down the side of her body.

“Xanatos, please stop this,” she cried.

“Stop this? No, I won’t. And you know why?” He asked as his hand reached for her right thigh. He bent the leg and settled himself more firmly against her until his sex pressed against her opening. “You want this, I know you do. You’re hot, you’re wet, and you’re ready…” He said as his hand found a hardened nipple and squeezed the tight button. She gasped as his mouth covered the pebble. His mouth, too hot, too wet, too moist, she couldn’t resist, had to, had no choice but to moan and lift her body against him. He suckled at the fount and she was lost. He moved to the other breast, his hand squeezing each globe, massaging whatever dregs of pleasure expelled from the rounded shape.

She thrashed beneath him, her wrists pulling against the chains that held her to the bed. Have I lost my mind? One minute ago, she hated him and was ready to scream rape. Once he touched her, she lost it. Her body went into overdrive; the need to be fulfilled ‘this’ way outweighed what little common sense the booze had whisked away. Again, she pulled at the cuffs; but remembering his warning and envisioning herself explaining away the bruises to the waitstaff, she stopped.

Xanatos continued to worship her breasts. She moaned, he groaned, she lifted and he thrust against her. He pulled back, her breast making a sucking sound as it disengaged from his mouth. He leaned in and kissed her, his tongue piercing the inside. She met the intruder head-on; engaging his tongue-saber with her own, they fought until both grew tired. He rested his forehead against hers. Together they breathed. She squirmed underneath him. He reached and pulled her other leg up, until nestled, moist thatch met nestled, moist thatch. Loosely, she clasped her legs around him, hooking her ankles together and opening her body wide. He lifted, reached for his staff and placed it at the entrance. She lifted her lower body as best she could, wanting, waiting for the contact. Without warning, he thrust deep inside her. They both went still. She shifted a bit and forced her muscles to relax. His face, set in stone it seemed, save for the fire flashing in his eyes, tensed as he began with slow, deep thrusts. She moaned, called his name. These sounds and words cadenced each stroke, each slap of wet flesh as he pushed deeper. He leaned back, lifted until only the most sensitive parts of their bodies collided, eliciting moans and grunts and broken speech…

She strained against the cuffs, having now forgotten the marks they would leave. He hurt her, hurt her deep as he sank deeper and deeper abusing her flesh; but she welcomed it because it would bring her to satisfaction. He slowed. She felt her legs lifted into the air. She risked a glance and through heated gaze saw as he kissed her legs, her ankles and felt as he began to rock her again. Suddenly, the cuffs released. He continued to pump as he pulled her up. He held her, sat her in his lap as he leaned back and allowed her to take control. He kissed her again as she began to bounce upon his staff. She crossed her legs around him and moaned as his fingers pulled and stretched her backside. She slowed and kissed him again. One finger slid along the center of her ass and she lost it, cried out as she commenced to bounce away. He pressed against the other hole, not too hard, but just enough to make her hiss and cry out as waves upon waves of pleasure rocked her body. She called his name; bit his shoulder as the ecstasy overtook her senses.

He allowed her to recover, kissing her shoulder, her face, and her breasts. Her core burned with heat. She felt him hard as a rock inside of her and after a few moments, he rolled their connected bodies back to the bed. She winced as he pulled out and lay next to her. She felt his hand as he stroked her backside. He kissed her shoulder, her back. His fingers caressed the bruised cheek, finding once again the opening. Through the haze of post-coital repose and the downward spiral of inebriation, she realized what he wanted. His erection rubbed against her back. He squeezed her thigh. His hand slunk around to her center and he rubbed the tender spot vigorously. She felt more hot kisses, more silent pleas for this particular ‘trespass’. He stroked her ass again and she rolled away from him.

“Please?” He asked hand reaching for her waist.


His hand found her and he stroked the hole as he asked again.

“No, Xan,” she replied. She wanted to go to sleep so she sat up, reaching for the edge of the comforter. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her waist. He yanked her back to the center of the bed and flipped her over.

“I said ‘no’! Now get off of me!” She yelled, but the sound was muffled out as she screamed into the pillows.

He pulled her rear into the air, one hand holding her tight at the hip and the other slicking its way up her back.

“You will, someday,” he said as he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back. He kissed her hot on the lips and pushed her back against the pillows. She used her arms to brace the impact as she felt his member press inside of her core. He was brutal, not allowing her one moment to adjust. He proceeded to thrust inside. Both hands held her tight as he pounded his way to satisfaction. It didn’t take him long. Soon, he called her name; the sound transferring from deep and guttural to harsh and high-pitched as he climaxed. She felt his seed shoot deep into her womb. The warmth scorched her insides. He continued with short thrusts, while panting and calling her name. He held her body against his, his finger once again teasing the other hole. She grasped the headboard and pulled away. He let her. He sat back on his haunches, squeezing his deflated sex. His gaze fell hot and heavy on her body as she grasped the covers and squeezed underneath.

Finally, he stopped tugging on the blushing member. He rubbed the hand over his chest, wiping at the excess. His breathing slowed and he moved climbing to the top of the bed, throwing pillows aside as he struggled to slide underneath. She turned away from him, scooting to the edge. He reached, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him. His hand skirted the length of her folded leg; it rested for a moment at the base, cupping her ass and squeezing before it returned to her waist, her breast, which he held onto as they slept. Later in the night he entered her from behind, lifting her leg to make room for his sideways thrusts. She came again, unsure of where this renewed vigor came from.

They fell asleep and even later, she woke to find him gone. She sat up, glanced around the room. He wasn’t there. The fire in the hearth held glowing embers, the past lives of a great fire. She stood on sore legs, pulling a throw from the settee around her body. She crept into the office and found Xanatos by the windows, stark nude, on the phone talking to someone. She watched him, watched as he turned; she caught the profile of his shadow and saw once again his body, virile and hard, his sex erect and ready. Quickly, she turned less he catches her spying upon him. She threw the coverlet to the floor and began slipping on her panties.