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Rainfall Deux 3

Chapter 7

She fumbled around for her dress, finding it she hastily slipped on the ruined piece.

“What are you doing?”

She turned and saw him standing in the doorway.

“I’m putting on my clothes,” she replied as she sat on the bed and began tying on her shoes.

“That’s obvious. Why?” He asked as he approached. His sex bounced in the air as he strode towards her.

“I want to go home. I’m worried about Omega and I don’t want him to wake up without me being there.”

“Hmmm,” he replied. She pulled on the other shoe careful to avert her gaze because she already felt her body flushing at the look of him. He stood in front of her and she had no choice but to look in his face. She could smell herself on him; his sex was stained with her essence. He smiled.

“I’ll take you home,” was all he said.

“Okay,” she replied and moved to get up. His hand reached out and held her down. He moved closer. His hand caressed her face.

“Would you?” He asked.

“Would I what?”

“Before we go…just…finish me off will you?” He smiled this time, showing perfectly lined teeth. She pulled her head from his grasp and moved to get up again.

“Do it yourself,” she said noncommittally. He only held tighter to her head.

“No,” she said firmly. “I want to go home and check on my son.”

“You can. We will. But…”

With his other hand he grasped his sex and began moving it towards her mouth. She pulled away, but his hand held her fast. He pressed the leaky tip to her mouth.

“Xan, please no…”

He slid the tip back and forth along her lips. He moaned as she licked her lips while pulling away.

“You may not do the other thing I want you to do, but you will do this or I’ll take our son away from you.” He threatened.

“You wouldn’t!” She gasped. “You bastard, I hate you!” She screamed.

He only nodded and pressed himself against her again.

“I’m your husband, you should want to do this for me. I’m in ‘pain’ here…now suck me off.” He grinned wickedly, grabbed her head and pressed himself into her mouth. She gasped as the hard flesh entered the cavern. She opened wide and allowed him to thrust. Soon, both hands held her head and her neck angled as she sucked him all the way down. He came, came hard shooting deep into her throat. So deep that she thought she’d choke if he didn’t let up on her. His sex was big in her mouth. She could feel blood vessels breaking in her face, lines forming around her mouth. He pummeled her so hard that when he pulled out, her nose was bleeding. He kissed her anyway, pressed her back into the bed as he tongued her down, his mouth seeking the taste of his own essence.

As they boarded the limo she held back tears. The same tissues she used to blot at her nostrils she used to wipe her eyes. Xanatos talked nonstop on the phone. Occasionally, he’d reach over and grasp her hand or stroke her face, leaning in, stealing kisses undeserved. When they got back to the house, she checked on Omega. He was still asleep. Xanatos watched her being motherly, watched her as she moved to the bath to shower. After she got into bed, she fell right to sleep. Later, she felt him climb in behind her, felt his hand seek out her body, felt him pull her against him. He slipped a quick feel through the silk of her fabric, stroking her ass, his middle finger purposely grazing the crack. Finally, he pulled her hard against him and they fell asleep. She woke the next morning to find him gone. She was barely out of bed before she felt the nausea hit again. But was it the alcohol from last night? Or could she be…pregnant? Oh, no, not again.

Chapter 8

POSTRainfall4: To Love, Honor and Obey a Maniacal Husband

“Where’s daddy?” Omega asked.

“Shhh, go to sleep,” Tam replied.

“Daddy,” he moaned.

Tam did her best not to roll her eyes at her two-year old son. It was only natural that he asked for his father, but she didn’t want to make excuses for Xanatos. She didn’t want to explain anything about her husband to him, be he O’s father or not. There was too much pain in the history of even the simplest things between she and Xanatos; and she hated having to revisit those moments through her son’s requests.

Omega continued to whine as she covered him up and reached for the lamp. She flicked it to off and waited in the dark, holding her son’s hand as a storm brewed outside of the house. She hummed a soft tune, something her mother once sang to put her to sleep. Soon, Omega’s breath came in even measures and she let go of his hand and softly crept from the room.

Her stomach was upset again, but it wasn’t due to anything she’d eaten. She was pregnant…again, with Xan’s child. It was a bittersweet discovery. She wanted children, yes, a family even, but with a man she loved; and she did not love Xanatos. Again, there was too much pain in the history of it all. She held fast to her stomach as she sat carefully on the bed. She picked up a datapad and scrolled through searching the Interlink on information for doctors; doctors who might assist her in making a choice in regards to this particular pregnancy.
As she selected a couple of offices located in this part of Telos, the door to the bedroom opened and Xanatos entered. She glanced at him briefly, before powering-down the unit and tucking it away inside the nightstand drawer. Xanatos strode to the bed and she watched him fearfully. He reached for her hand and leaned down, bending his tall form to plant a kiss upon her lips. She moved her lips against him in acknowledgement, hoping that this would be all he asked of her tonight.

“Is he asleep?” He asked, head gesturing towards the nursery.

“I just put him down,” she replied. “He asked for you again.”

Xanatos walked towards the walk-in closet pulling the cloak and jacket he wore from his body. He threw the items on the floor; she heard the soft rustling sound of velvet and suede as it impacted against the carpeted floor. Tam stood, pulling the covers back on the bed. She slid off her robe and laid the silk piece at the foot of the bed. She nestled in the covers and flicked the lamplight. Soon, the light from the closet turned off. She heard Xanatos as he walked to the bed, pulling back the covers and then settling heavily into the bed.

Her back was to him. His hand snaked around and pulled her closer. He kissed the back of her neck; his hand slid up to her breast and grasped lightly as he fell into sleep. Soon, Tam slept as well. The sounds of the rain outside lulling her to sleep, to dreams, to action; for on tomorrow she planned to visit with one of the doctors she’d selected. She couldn’t bring another child into this mess of a family Xanatos created. She didn’t love him; he took her away from the one she loved, even though it was not all his doing: she too had committed atrocities in her dealings with Xan. Strange bedfellows they were; only he cared more for her than she did for him and somehow she knew it would always be this way.


“And how long before I could…”

“I would advise you to wait at least three weeks before having intercourse,” the doctor replied.

Tam thought about this for a moment. When it came to her, Xanatos was insatiable. What excuse could she possibly give him to keep him off of her?

“I need to think about this. Can I get back to you?” She asked.

“Of course. Just call Betha and she’ll set up an appointment with you,” the doctor answered.

Tam left the office, nodding to the secretary as she made her way to the door. The rains had let up some and the streets were busy and full of Telosians going about their day. She’d left Omega in the care of the maids, claiming that she had to run into town to personally pick up some items. They’d given her a queer look as she hardly ever left the mansion, too afraid to get out and too afraid of what Xanatos would do or say.

As the car dropped her in front of their home, she climbed the steps slowly weighing her options. What should she do? Already, she felt her womb beginning to expand; even at this stage she felt a flutter of the life growing inside of her. She found Omega and Gretchen in the study playing together on the floor. She thanked the maid for watching her son, and then took Gretchen’s place with her little boy. Together they played until Omega grew tired. She carried him to the nursery and set him down for a nap.

Later as she sipped a brandy in the study while watching the rain fall against the window, she heard the front door open then close shut again. The doors to the study burst open and she jumped, almost spilling her drink as she saw him enter.

“You’re home early,” she offered lamely while taking a napkin and swabbing the spillage from her chest.

Xanatos turned and sent a Force-thrust to close the doors behind him. She heard the lock fall into place and immediately her heart rate increased. He was upset, at her. Could he have found out? She stood and smiled brightly, walking to the bar. She prepared a drink for him and freshened her own. Turning, she gasped as she found herself face to face with her husband. His features were so cold, always cold. The pale skin and dark hair intensified the brightness of his eyes. He frowned and his breath was ragged. Nervously, she lifted the drink, offering it to him.

He slapped it from her hand and it fell upon the wood floor, the contents soaking into the mahogany grain.

“Where did you go today?” He asked. He ‘was’ angry and he held back, she could tell.

“What are you talking about?” She asked dumbly while lifting the drink to her mouth. He wrenched it from her grasp and slammed it upon the table behind her.

“Today, Tam. Where did you go?”

“I…I went into town,” she answered truthfully.

“And why did you go into town?”

“Shopping…what’s with the third degree here?” She huffed and moved to step around him. He reached out and grabbed her arm jerking her back to him. He seethed with anger. Oh gods, did he know?

“Is that all?” He prompted.

“Yes,” she answered finding courage in spinning lies in the face of a former Jedi.

Roughly, he pulled her to the desk. He placed her in front of him, seating her on top of it.

“Don’t play with me, Tam and don’t lie to me. Who’s Doctor Ongstak and why did you go see him?”

Tears filled her eyes. He yet held her arm and with each word, he shook her small frame.

“You’re hurting my arm,” she said, ignoring his question and glancing at his hand. He released her but didn’t move away. “I went to see him because…I think, I think I might be pregnant again,” she offered somewhat truthfully. His eyes held her gaze, searching, probing, daring her to lie to him, but in a way she yet told the truth.

“Pregnant?” He asked. His voice was a little softer this time, more gentle and his eyes lost some of the hardness they held as he demanded of her answers to which he didn’t really want to know the answer to.

“Yes…” She whispered, tears falling, her body shaking uncontrollably.
He reached for her, his hands now gentle in their touch. He stroked her arms and then settled his hands along her shoulders. His fingers stroked her collarbone, and then rose to her neck. Lightly he grasped there lifting her head, forcing her to look fully upon him.

“And this is…this is the only reason why you went to see the doctor?”
Did he expect her to say it? She nodded slowly and more tears escaped her eyes. His fingers brushed them away.

“If you are pregnant, I am pleased. Very pleased,” he smiled brightly; but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. “But if I find that you purposely intended to do anything to jeopardize the life of our child…” He left the threat open. She gasped as his fingers squeezed her neck. He held her tight for a moment and she saw conflict wage war in his eyes.

“Do you understand me?” He asked. She could only nod and bite back the sobs, which threatened to overcome her. His hands slid along the lapel of her jacket. Tears continued to fall again once she realized what he wanted. He opened the jacket and popped the buttons of the blouse. His hands fell to her waist where he fussed with the opening. He pulled her off the desk and slid the material down. Her hands fell to his shoulders and she weakly pushed against him, not wanting this now and especially not in this room.

The air was cool against her backside, but his hand, which gripped the flesh there was warm. He turned her around and she heard him opening his trousers. She braced herself against the top of the desk. He kicked her legs apart and bent her forward. She felt the leaky head of his erection explore the skin of her backside. His hand slid along the front of her body and caressed her mound. She was wet, always wet and ready for him. This was sickness and the exact reason why she felt she wasn’t good enough to bring another life into this world.

He pushed inside of her and she groaned at the feel of him. He held still as a hand reached in front and up to her chest, pushing the bra above her breasts. One hand grabbed and tugged and teased, as the other held tight to her thigh. He pounded into her and it was both pleasure and pain. His voice grew ragged as he moaned and cursed and spit dirty talk into the air. The one hand continued to torture her breasts as his other reached to stroke her center. He slowed, allowing her a moment to gain a better grip on the table. The rain continued to fall outside. The slapping of their bodies’ most wet parts echoed in the room. She was thankful he locked the door, but realized that doing this was his intent all along.

For a time, he moaned and groaned and f_cked her into the desk. Finally, he came hard, shooting streams and streams of come deep inside of her. She felt him, all of him, felt his body spasm inside of her. He stayed in, even as he leaned over her attempting to catch his breath. Her arms hurt, sore from the pressure of holding her body against his thrusts. His hands continued to squeeze her breasts, but now the movements were gentle. Soon they slowed, their breathing slowed and he lifted off of her and pulled out. The stench of his spunk and her sex filled the air. He walked away from her, leaving her clothes as they were. She sat up and pulled the pants from around her ankles covering her naked body once again. On unsteady legs, she headed to the door, wiping her eyes and hoping that none of the wait staff would see her in this state.

Surely he felt his violation of her was justified. She’d wronged him by what she meant to do with their unborn child. He reminded her why she’s here and she felt no love from it. Still, as she reached to unlock the door, he said to her, “I love you, Tam. And I love my kids. Don’t you ever try to take that from me.” She didn’t acknowledge his statement. He released the lock and opened the door using the Force. She pulled the lever and passed through. When she reached their suite, she programmed the bath. While the tub filled she checked on Omega; he continued to sleep ignorant to all that had transpired. He would never know; neither of her children would know what a truly dysfunctional state of their family and what a real-live monster there father truly was.

Chapter 9

POSTRainfall5: Marking One’s Territory (Tam, five months pregnant with Iso)

“This is quite a selection, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is,” she replied. “Unfortunately, I can’t drink any of it,” she finished. Motioning to the bartender, she requested a glass of ginger ale; but how she longed for a glass of the Telosian ale on display.

“And why is that?” The man beside her asked. She turned to the gentleman at her side. He was tall, dark and quite handsome. He was dressed in formal attire, as was most at the party. She smiled as she placed a hand over her protruding belly. The short cocktail dress she wore was sleeveless; the glittering gold fabric gathered along her breasts then billowed out, stopping short of her knees. Her legs were bare and the strappy, stiletto heels she wore did little to hide the swelling of her ankles.

Xanatos had insisted she come to this party. It was an annual celebration of Offworld Corporation and its affiliates. Many of his business cronies were there with their spouses and significant others. He’d wanted her to stay by his side all night, but she quickly grew tired of pretending; the notion of ‘trophy wife’ had never seemed so real to her as it did now. She left him with the President of the Colonies and other government officials, claiming lightheadedness and the need to sit down. Instead, she’d come straight to the bar, desperately craving a drink even though she knew she couldn’t have one.

“Oh, I see,” the gentleman responded, his eyes rose in surprise. She smiled again and sipped from the glass. The bubbly concoction burned the back of her throat. He was very handsome; she admired his skin color, smooth and brown like a dark mahogany. If she wasn’t stuck in this miserable relationship with Xanatos then…well, she’d be with Mumby; but if she wasn’t with Mumby… His eyes beheld her hand and the large sapphire encrusted in the gold band of her left finger.

“Who’s the lucky man?” He asked defeated. She admired his willingness to engage conversation even though they both knew that it would go no further.

“Xanatos,” she said while averting her eyes looking into the crowd. So many people, she thought. She missed her son; she’d rather be home playing with him, than here with all of these bourgeoisie Telosians.

“The head of OffWorld Corp.?” He asked surprised. She only nodded.

“I didn’t know he was married…” He said. “I’m sorry,” he said while slowly shaking his head. She looked at him, smiled and laughed.

“I forget my manners. My name is Lookas Black. I run LB Enterprises, an affiliate of your husband’s company,” he said while placing his drink on the bar. He reached for her hand and asked, “And your name, Madame?”

“Tam,” she said. “Tam Wild.” She squeezed his hand and smiled as he bent to kiss it. His lips brushed softly against the skin; he raised his eyes to hers, holding her hand just a little too long for comfort. But she didn’t mind. This attention was…nice. She smiled and he released her palm.

“You do not share your husband’s last name?”

“No, I do not,” she responded curtly. “It’s a tradition in my family. We always keep our maiden names,” she answered while sipping again from the glass. Lookas leaned against the counter. She perched her small frame against the seat of one of the stools lining the bar. With a little jump, she sat her bum against the cushion and scooted back. The stool teetered, her glass spilled droplets upon the floor. Lookas reached out and braced the stool, touching her backside as he held it firm. They laughed and she thanked him. They did not see Xanatos approaching from the crowd.

“Interesting,” Lookas replied. “Are you from Telos?”

“Yes, the island of Eroica. It’s in the southern hemisphere…”

“Yes…I know it well,” he said, onyx eyes glittering in the soft light. Damn, he was handsome! There was a quivering in her thighs as she looked upon him. Nice teeth, too. A hand settled upon her back, then slid its way up to her neck. Instantly she froze, knowing who held her there. Lookas’ eyes shifted from her to the figure behind.

“Xanatos,” he greeted him, reaching out to shake his hand. But he was met with air and a very hostile stare. Oh, hell, not again. She looked upon her husband, upon his face, his eyes, eyes that never seemed to soften.

“Lookas,” Xanatos replied.

She turned and said, “Mr. Black was just telling me about LB Enterprises and…”

“Was he now?” Xanatos turned, smiling with forced pleasantry and interest.

“Yes, I was, Xan. You have a very lovely wife and…” Lookas responded sensing the tension between the two.

“Thank you, Lookas,” he said while his hand squeezed against her neck. She deflected a grimace against the pain while giving him a sharp stare. Pulling away from his grasp and sliding from the stool, she set the glass upon the counter.

“Mr. Black, it was very nice to meet you. I hope we have to the chance to converse at another time. If you two will excuse me, I have to powder my nose,” she grabbed her clutch and stuffed it under her arm. She smiled at Lookas, eyes full of unspoken apology then turned to her husband, placing a hand on his chest while she leaned in to kiss him upon the cheek. “I’ll be right back,” she smiled. As she walked away, she felt both men’s gazes upon her. She cupped her tummy with an open palm as she pushed through the crowd.

He was so jealous! Damn! She fussed with the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom as she thought of what had just transpired. She couldn’t talk to anyone without him… Silently she fumed as she popped the clasp, opening the clutch bag and pulling the powder compact and lip gloss from inside. The baby in her stomach rumbled and she stopped, sliding a hand underneath the material of her dress. She pressed her palm against the life inside of her and smiled. Would it be a girl this time? Or another boy?

“Probably a girl,” a voice spoke behind her.

Sharply she turned, peering into the darkened corridor of the bathroom. Xanatos. Dammit, he was always around and always f_cking reading her mind and…

“Yeah, a girl, I think,” he spoke again as he materialized.

“Stop reading me, Xan,” she said while turning back to the mirror. She fluffed the puff against the powder and proceeded to dab it against the shiny spots of her face.

“What are you doing in here? I told you I’d be right out,” she said, closing the compact and unscrewing the lip-gloss. She held the wand in mid air, as Xanatos stood behind her.

“What were you doing out there, Tam? With Lookas…” His voice trailed as his hands smoothed against her sides. Oh, hell no, she wasn’t doing this now.

“Talking. Schmoozing. Letting everyone know who’s trophy wife I am. That’s why you wanted me here, isn’t it?” She brazenly responded, while swiping the skin of her lips with the sponge applicator. The gloss smoothed the surface, leaving a streak of shine with just a hit of glitter. His hands gripped her sides and she froze.

“Xan, we’re not doing this. You have guests, we should get back,” she hurriedly spoke while stuffing the gloss inside the clutch. She tried to move away from him, but he held firm, pushing against her body almost causing her to topple over against the vanity.

“That’s not why you really want to return to the party again, is it?” His eyes held her gaze inside the mirror. She explored his face; he was such a beautiful monster and every time she looked upon him, those eyes…those eyes damn near hypnotized her every time.

“No,” she replied. His face took on an expression of surprise. “I’d rather go home. I miss my son. I hate these parties, you know that.” She tried to pull away again, but this time his hand slid underneath the dress. He reached for her stomach, rubbing the baby-filled mass.

“How is she doing?” He asked, his eyes moving from her to where the imprint of his hand dented the flow of fabric. Small shivers moved from her core as he began to move his hand lower and lower.

“She’s fine…just a little tired. Can we go now?” She reached, attempting to pull his hand away; but his fingers, his fingers traced along the inside of her panties. Damn, she thought, goddamn him. With one hand, he delved deeper, smoothing it over her mound and slipping one finger to rub against the tiny, sensitized knot of her sex. She sighed. F_ck him, f_ck, f_ck, f_ck. She hated him; and hated herself for being so damn responsive.

“Xan, this is a public bathroom for Force’s sake!” Her image pleaded with his in the mirror. He smiled as he watched her respond to his movements. Her breathing sped up and he knew she was affected. With his other hand, he reached to open his pants. The material loosened and fell past his muscular thighs. She felt his sex press against her backside. F_ck him, she thought to herself; these two words became her mantra as she saw him lift the dress and pull her panties down. Her mind screamed the words as her body maneuvered back to push against him. Goddamn, him. F_ck.

“Let’s just go home, okay?” She pleaded. He shook his head, smiling; she could see sheens of sweat forming on his forehead and face.

“I don’t think we’ve ever done this…in front of a mirror,” he smiled. “Maybe ‘Mr. Black’ will hear you scream and come running to your rescue…or not,” he chuckled.

“Is that what this is about?” She asked not believing him. His fingers worked her sex and she gasped and ground her body against him. He ignored her question and continued to draw pleasure from her core and all the while his erect member pressed seekingly against her backside.

“Do you like him?” He asked while his other hand cupped her breast; he squeezed and she trembled. Gone was the teasing in his voice. “Tell me, what would’ve happened between the two of you had I not shone when I did?” He gripped her breast painfully and she grimaced.

“Nothing,” she ground out. “He was…we were only talking,” she met his eyes again. “Just get this over with before someone comes in, okay?”

“So now you want it hard and fast, huh? Maybe that’s how Lookas would take you,” he taunted.

She stopped moving against him. How dare he?

“I never entertained the thought,” she responded, her voice flat.

“Liar,” he smiled as his finger slid inside of her. She moaned as he worked her again and again. Did he want her to fantasize about other men? Just when she thought she had him figured out…

He f_cked her with his fingers and just as she was about to come, he pulled out. She moaned, frustrated with this twisted play. Why wouldn’t he just finish it? Need he torture her any longer? A noise sounded at the door and they both turned. She didn’t want to be seen doing this in such a public place.

“Don’t worry. No one would say anything about it,” he said, kissing her neck. His hands lifted the dress and he moved, positioning himself for entry. She closed her eyes, waiting and wanting the feel of him, but despising him all the same.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded. She opened them and saw the reflection of them both in this state of congress. Suddenly he pushed inside, his erection thick and warm and hard. She gasped at the pain and he moved her to gain a better angle. She held tight to the counter as he began thrusting hard and long and deep. He grunted and moaned, his eyes never leaving hers. His flesh slapped against hers and the sound echoed throughout the bathroom. His hand reached around and stroked her clit and she cried out, wanting to close her eyes as she usually did. But each time she tried to relax against him, he’d come again strong and hard, pushing his length deeper.

She couldn’t take it anymore. He was too much, always too much for her. It never took her long to come and this time was no different. She grimaced, crying out, crying his name as waves of pleasure built inside her body and channeled through her core. Her canal tightened, gripping his member, muscles spasming against the intrusion. She came hard, feeling him still moving within her body. She cried out and then just cried; tears building in her eyes, her hands white from the deathgrip she held upon the lip of the sink. Oh, f_ck, she moaned.

He pulled out, stroking his length as his breath came in soft pants and moans. He worked his erection into frenzy and suddenly globs of come spurted from the tip. He shot his load against her backside. The essence was warm and hot and the scent of it filled the air. She leaned against the counter, body naked and exposed. After he worked the climax from his body, his movements upon his rod slowed. He smoothed the deflating length then released it, reaching both hands to her bum. He rubbed the come into her skin; face taut and focused as he did so. He reached around and rubbed it along her hips and into her sex. What the f_ck was he doing? She tried to pull away from him, but his other hand held her still at the hip. He teased her swollen sex and she felt arousal working its way back into the charred nerve endings.

“Stop this, Xan,” she ordered.

He turned her around and her naked buttocks rested against the cold vanity. He took one hand; fingers wet with his semen and rubbed them against her lips. She pulled away from him, slapping at his hands, but he grabbed them and proceeded to push one finger into her mouth. She bit missing it by a hair, and then he let her go.

“Don’t wash any of it off,” he commanded as he reached for his pants and fastened them. She turned and motioned the faucet to pour. Ignoring him, she stuck her hands underneath the water and moved to wash the taste of him from her mouth. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away. He held them as he reached for her panties and slid them up her torso. Grabbing her clutch he handed it to her and she took it, angry eyes flashing. He practically drug her from the bathroom. They entered the party once again and for the rest of the night he didn’t let her leave his side. He kept her close, one hand either at her waist or grasping her arm. Members of the board cast inquisitive stares at the couple as they discretely sniffed the air.

They stayed for another hour. And for that hour it seemed that Xanatos wanted to introduce her, rather flaunt her, to every single guest. She understood his intention in doing what he did to her. Was it her plight, while married to this man, to be constantly humiliated by him? She held back tears of anger and hurt and masked her emotion with falsities. Finally, they left. Her feet hurt, her body was swollen and tired and she hated, absolutely hated her husband even more. She saw Lookas as she stepped inside the limo. She smiled and waved to him. Xanatos spoke with an official while she got into the car, but turned his attention immediately to her once he sensed the gesture. He gave Lookas a glare filled with hatred.

During the ride home, neither said a word to the other. Once inside, she found her son asleep in the nursery. She kissed his crown and ignored Xanatos’ sulking form in the corner. As she showered, she let the tears flow. If she could kill him and get away with it, she would; but it was only wishful thinking. She couldn’t hurt a fly, but damn how she wanted to make him suffer for everything he’d done to her. She washed all traces of his seed from her body and instead of sleeping with him that night; she feigned sickness, retreating to the kitchen for a hot cup of tea. But he wouldn’t leave her. As she sipped in the study while gazing through the tall windows at the night sky, she heard him enter. Fresh from the shower himself, he took the cup from her hand, bent and lifted her body into his arms. It was useless to fight him. Goddammit, why wouldn’t he leave her be? He settled her in the bed and slid in behind. His arms folded her body against his and together they lay in the darkness.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Yes, you are sorry. You’re a sorry bastard and I hate you,” she replied.

His grip around her tightened and she could feel his anger returning.

“Make no mistake, Tam, you are mine and if I have to mark you with my seed to keep men off of you, I will,” he whispered.

“You are a monster, Xan, and your actions are archaic and base. You shouldn’t have to wonder why I feel the way I do about you,” she replied.

But he didn’t respond and he didn’t let go of her. Somehow she managed sleep after a time. Later on, she learned, or rather Xanatos told her that his company bought out LB Enterprises along with a number of other small firms. He issued the news with a certain amount of glee and waited on her response to this. But she offered him nothing. He was cruel and ruthless and she’d had enough. As soon as their daughter was born, she’d get out; get away from him and all of this madness.