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The Tower - continued

Chapter 10


Vader and Olee walked through the wooded area. She stumbled over tree roots, vines clung to her legs and twice she had swung from his arm and yet he never missed a beat in that clumbersome suit he wore.

Finally, with Filli safely out of earshot, she turned a scornful gaze to the Sith Master.

"You slimey, no good, bastard!" she spat.

"I am sure, you'll enjoy your stay at Chateau le' Darth Vader."

"Aren't you smug and oh so funny! There's nothing to laugh at here. What you did back there was detestable!" she shrieked.

"You you don't care for our arrangement? Then you are free to go back."

"At what cost? Holding Filli prisoner on this planet? It's wrong. You're trying to keep us apart."

"I sense, you are no more convinced of your affection to Filli as I am. Our arrangement is just the excuse you needed to come back to me."

"Deluded AND arrogant!"

"Deluded? Then you pretend what happened at the compound before, never took place? At least... as far as Filli is concerned."

"Filli needn't know."


"No gentleman would ever do what you did back there with Filli."

Vader shrugged. He only did what he needed to do to undermine their relationship.

"There will be no talk of Filli, tonight." Or little talking at all, for that matter.

Olee sighed. "What do you want with me?" He couldn't pay some lucky woman to occupy his bed? He wanted to play games with her? she thought.

"The same thing you want," Vader replied.

"And what is that?"

"Time to mend. For all that I have lost," he answered, somewhat soulfully.

Olee thought about the Order. Her friends, two masters and last of all, Shyrne. People who were gone because VADER killed them.

"If I have lost anything, it's because of you."

He stopped in his walk, turned, and looked at her. His finger pointed accusingly.

"I've come to accept the choices I have made. Be they wrong or right. I advise you to do the same. Once made, choices cannot be undone."

Did he regret his decision to topple the Jedi Order?

"Why do you wear that awful suit?"

"That is not a question I wish to hear again."

Olee shrank away from Vader. "Sheesh. Sorrrry," she exclaimed.

Tired, she leaned against a tree. He walked toward her. "You're on my time. Walk. Compound is only a few yards away."

"I changed my mind. I'll go back to Filli," Olee said.

"And what brought about this change of heart?"

"Heart? My heart has nothing to do with this."

"I'm glad you admit it. I'm sure, Filli will be disappointed."

"I was talking about you."

"You don't seem to know what you're talking about at all. If you wish to go back to Filli, then go. But you are reminded, that you will remain on Vixin 9. Forever."

"I'll take my chances," Olee mumbled. She spun on her heels, walking toward the Filli's ship.

"He'll go to prison. My storm troopers have him surrounded. He'll be gone before you get there."

Olee turned, casting the tricky Sith Lord a nasty look. She strode toward him again, suddenly, wearing a smile. She drew as close to him as possible, tracing her finger along the armor he wore.

"Fine, you want me to go back...I'll go."

"We'll not delay matters any further."

He extended an arm, allowing her to link within his.

Meanwhile, back at Filli's ship, he nursed the wound to his face, caused by one of the storm trooper's rifle. A purple coin-sized bruise covered his cheek.

When he was done, he walked to the deck and flopped onto the cot. His mind wandered to Olee and Vader. He was after all, a Jedi hunter. But Olee was no longer a threat to him. What did he want? What kind of game was he playing?Was he trying to split them apart? She was no longer worth fighting so he sought to destroy her in other ways?

Filli ran a hand through his curly hair. He longed for the day their lives would go back to normal. This last mission, was a costly one. He couldn't be sure things would ever go back to the way they were. Depending on what happened between her and Vader.

He thought about his first meeting with Olee, back when he served as a member of Jula's crew. Jula was Shyrne's long lost mother. The moment he saw the Jedi Padawan learner, he knew he wanted to marry her. But she was so uptight, so much of a prude that she was barely likeable. She listened to no one, and was intent on fighting a battle she couldn't win. It took Shyrne's death to convince her to stop.

And finally, she succumbed to his charm.  A week after SHyrne's death, when they were alone on Jula's ship, Olee came to him... a look of surrender in her eyes... a look of acceptance. She asked Filli to hold her and he complied. He held her tight in his arms, with hopes of soothing away the pain of so much lost. The entire Order gone in a blink of an eye. But Olee wanted more.

He rejected her at first, realizing she had come to him in sorrow. Who was he to violate her trust? To exploit her heartache? But still, she insisted, guiding his hand to her breast...then nudging him to kiss her. Begging him even, to accept her in her time of need with a promise to turn him away in the future if he refused her now. Who was he to reject a beautiful woman anyway?

Filli laid her back. His body pressed hers into the cot. He then covered her mouth with his own. Kissing her, his lips trailing down her neck and her shoulder, to suck the hardened nipples of her breast. He led her hand to his hardened penis, moving her fingers around to massage him. He moaned , and closed his eyes, then unfastened her pants and slid them off. He followed, doing the same with his own.

"What about, your vow?" he whispered in her ear.

Olee sighed heavily. "I doubt it matters now. Shyrne wanted me to lead a normal life. It's time I start now.  I'll start with you," she said.

He moved to kiss her again. But their foreheads collided. Olee gasped in pain, holding her head, and FIlli did the same. They couldn't help but laugh.

"So much for that," he said.

Olee ran fingers through his curly hair then pulled him to her.

"You sure?" he asked.

"As sure as I'll ever be."

Filli lowered himself, pushing into her. Olee gasped at first, though he couldn't tell if it was a moan of ecstasy or pain. "You okay?" he asked her. Filli closed his eyes, shuddering, cursing himself.

"I'm perfect," she replied.

But somehow he felt she was anything but. Olee was diving head first into what she thought was a normal life. But was she ready? Filli shook the thought from his head. She felt good and he didn't stop. He would have gone all night, if it were possible.

Soon, they were both fast asleep, curled in each other's arms. Ocassionally, her leg would shake in aftermath of their love making. He looked over her nubile young body, thinking himself scrawny in comparison. Hell, he was scrawny compared with anybody... at least, in areas but one, thought Filli, somewhat smugly.

They loved each other now. And Vader wanted to destroy that. Since it was something, he would never have for himself. The bastard.

Filli stroked himself, thinking about his nights with Olee. Thinking about their future  nights, as husband and wife. Renegade Spice smugglers.


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