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Chapter 14 continued

“So you want me … so … okay, this is a threesome thing, right? Cool. But Xanny, I’m gonna need some of what you promised me before we start,” Candy said while walking over to where Xanatos sat. She knelt in front of him and began pulling his boots off. He reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a vial. Candy squealed, throwing his boots across the floor while squatting between his legs. Tam looked on, seeing on the blonde hair and tawdry outfit of the bimbo knelt in front of her husband.

“Candy, why don’t you tell my wife where you’re from?” Xanatos instructed as he unbuttoned his shirt. He watched Tam watch Candy practically jump out of her skin at the sound of the vial opening. Xanatos flicked his hand and the doors to the study shut tight; she heard the lock fall into place and swallowed wondering just what he meant to subject her to this time. Still, she was mad and would be mad at him for weeks to come.

“Hmmm?” Candy asked, practically whimpering at the spot of powder Xanatos trailed along his thigh. She bent and Tam heard the sounds of her inhaling the substance.

“Tell my wife where you’re from.” He instructed again as he stroked her head. Candy continued snorting while replying with a muffled, “Coruscant.”

“Ahhh, Coruscant. Tam lived there for a time. Let’s see, maybe you know some of the same people,” Xanatos mused.

Candy lifted and turned looking at Tam for the first time. She wiped at her nose and smiled shaking her head, “No, probably not. Coruscant is a big place.”
Tam glared at the bimbo and glared even more ferociously at Xanatos who turned placing the vial on a side table. He leaned forward and whispered something in Candy’s ear. Tam couldn’t tell what it was. Candy then got up and walked over to where Tam sat. She knelt, still wiping at her nose and asked, “Did you ever go to Club Solarium?”

Her gaze had been transfixed on the demon parading as her husband, but when she heard the words “Club Solarium” she looked directly at the woman on the floor next to her.


“Club Solarium. I used to work there.”

Tam glanced from the tart kneeling so close to her to her husband. Xanatos’s expression was slight, but there existed the smallest of smiles curling the edge of his lips.

“What does this have to do with me? Xan, I want her out of here. Enough is enough. Candy, Candy? Is that your name? Leave my house, NOW,” Tam said while standing. A hand shot out and touched her leg.

“Oh sh_t, I remember you now.” Candy gasped.


“I said, I remember…wait, I met you once. Remember? I was high as a kite, but he always talked about you afterwards, all the time…”

“He who?”

She didn’t have to ask. She knew the answer, knew that there was ‘something’ about this woman, something familiar.


“Mumby who?”

Her lips trembled as she spoke his name. It’d been some weeks since she thought of him. She was getting better at it, or so she thought. It used to be that every day she’d wake up and turn over expecting to find him there, expecting all of this to be some whacked out devil of a dream; but the only devil there existed was Xanatos lying next to her, shards of amethyst glittering in his eye sockets as he gazed at her while she slept. Slowly, she lowered back to the couch. Tears stung the backs of her eyes and she blinked them away.

“Mumby who?” She asked again.

“Mumby, remember Mumby? He would talk about you and…wait,” Candy gasped and then began to giggle. “You’re supposed to be dead. You ‘are’ dead. He told me you died and…oh sh_t, you’re not dead!”

Xanatos used this moment to interrupt. He stood and walked over and sat next to Tam on the sofa. He patted the seat beside him and Candy jumped up, scooting close to him. He’d brought the vial with him. He handed it to her and she turned away, pouring lines onto the armrest and commencing to sniff away.

Tam couldn’t look at either of them. This was perhaps the most hurtful thing he’d ever done to her. She wanted to get up, walk out of the room, go upstairs, grab up her kids and leave this house, but her something in her body wouldn’t let her move. Guilt held her back. If anything, Candy’s impromptu visit to her house served as only a reminder that perhaps she didn’t do the right thing by not trying harder to contact Mumby. She hurt him by letting this deception go on. The universe knew this; otherwise, how is it that Candy could find her way into the mix here on Telos, on a planet on the other side of the galaxy? Surely Xanatos didn’t go in search of her…or did he? She leaned forward and placed her head in her hands. Softly, she wept and surprisingly enough, he let her.

“I was with him, you know…for some time after. He, uhhh, he sold the club and opened some business; I don’t know what…I left Coruscant and kinda lived and worked all over. Saw your hubbie in the bar tonight and I just had to get to know him, ya know. He’s definitely a catch. You should consider yourself lucky. Speaking of lucky, are we going to do this or not?”

“You can go now, Candy,” she heard Xanatos whisper.

“Alright then. Can I get the rest of my money?”

Tam felt the couch shift as Xanatos lifted pulling credits from his pockets.

She listened as Candy stood and walked to her items over by the door.

“Wait,” Tam stood, “do you still keep in contact with him? I mean, have you? Lately?”

“Oh, I don’t know. He had a rough time for a while, but he seemed pretty straight before I left. He still parties a lot, ya know…but we all have our demons,” Candy mused as she opened the door. “Nice to meet you and thanks Xanny-boo,” she said.

The door closed behind her and Tam fell back upon the couch. “We all have our demons…ain’t that the damn truth,” she mumbled while glancing in his direction. “Are you happy now, Xan? Are you satisfied that you’ve hurt me to the core, once again?” She stared at him, at his profile, as he wouldn’t look at her now. She had the urge to take the fireplace poker and beat the living daylights out of him. He chuckled, no doubt having heard her thinking.

“I’ve given you a gift, Tam. He’s fine, he survived without you, and he’s moved on with his life. Now maybe you can move on with yours.”

He didn’t look at her as he said these words. She sat back in the sofa and covered her eyes. A weight, indescribable and heavy beyond belief settled upon her. She didn’t object as Xan stood and lifted her body from the couch. She kept her eyes closed as he carried her from the couch, through the entranceway and up the stairs. He laid her in the bed removing her robe. He pulled the covers up around her and reached turning off the light. As he showered, she gazed into the dark space of the room. The tears were hot and moist as they bled from her eyes. Freshly showered, Xanatos returned to the room. She felt him slide underneath the covers. His powerful arms reached for her, he pulled her close, resting her head upon his chest.

As his hand stroked her back, he whispered, “I love you, Tam. I ‘love’ you.”
She closed her eyes, squeezing more tears. She bit back a sob and her body shook as she tried to hold it together. Her hand reached up, sliding against his chest as it reached his neck. She lifted and looked him in the eye. Warring factions of love and hate stirred within her. She pinched at the skin of his neck and he grimaced slightly. Slowly she rolled until her whole body rested on top of him. He sighed beneath. She didn’t know what she did. She wanted to hate him, to hurt him, but none of that came. She leaned in and planted a hot kiss upon his lips. He reached up and brushed the tears from her eyes.

“Just be with me, please,” he begged, his voice hoarse and throaty. “Love me,” he said as he kissed her on the lips. He repeated the phrase, punctuating it with a kiss on her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her chin, and her neck.
She sighed above him, sighed as she felt his hands reach for the hem of her gown, sliding the silky material up her thighs. She felt the leaky tip of his sex press against her opening. She sat up, reached and placed the head at her entrance. With one slow glide, he was inside of her. She bent her legs, clasping her feet against his thighs. He moaned holding her at the waist. He rose, but she pushed him back against the bed. She began with a slow grind that drew whimpers from his mouth. She continued, wanting to take this slowly, disbelieving that she was once again participating in a moment like this with him. Had she now accepted her fate to be with this man, this sometimes monster? She ground hard against him, gripping his staff as she plunged. He moaned again reaching for her. She brushed at his hands and watched as he closed frustrated eyes at her refusal.

She continued to torture him wondering at his ability to last this long. He moaned and began to beg.

“Please, Tam…oh f_ck, just…please let me,” he pleaded.

She smiled, thankful for the darkness of the room. She lifted and plunged again, this time gripping him harder. He hissed and his hands found her hips. She winced as his fingers pressed into her flesh. She swirled her hips and bucked against him. His fingers reached around pulling the flesh of her ass-cheeks. He grasped her trying to lift her body again, but she held her ground. He whimpered and cried and shifted beneath her. She lifted again until his tip rubbed against her mound. She smiled as he hissed, fingers gripping hard enough to peel the skin away. He pushed at her and she resisted until finally she settled again over him and plunged. He cried out and she felt his sex twitch deep inside of her.

She rested a moment and watched him suffer beneath. She unclasped her legs giving way for him to finish. He wasted no time in flipping her onto her back. He lifted her legs, opening them wide and pressing them back against her chest. She reached for the headboard as he began to thrust inside of her. His breathing was harsh. He grunted and moaned his lower body working double-time f_cking her into the bed. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her own pleasure. It didn’t take much once she decided to ‘let go’. Xanatos felt her body responding. He slowed long enough to open her sex, revealing the button that would set her off. He leaned over her, one hand grasping at her backside, the other squeezing and rubbing her breasts. He commenced and soon her channel tightened and she cried out as pleasure erupted from her core. His moans grew closer together and higher in pitch. His body stilled and his twitching sex shot line after line of jism into her body. She felt the hot spurts coat her insides.

He continued moving against her, even as he pulled her legs back. He leaned in and suckled at one nipple and then the other while moaning and calling her name. She sighed, feeling her heart race in her chest. When he pulled out she grunted. He sat back on his haunches and using a towel from the bath, he wiped at his coated sex. He reached between her legs and dried the wetness dribbling from her lips. She twitched and shifted away from him, her sensitive sex yet responding. He reached for the covers, pulling them over their bodies. She turned on her side away from him and he held her from behind. She could feel the jellied flesh of his c_ck as it nestled against her ass. They fell asleep with some unspoken agreement between them.

She woke to the feel of his hands urging her to rise. She turned, giving him a look and saw what he wanted. Feeling her flesh liven again, she lifted until she was on all fours facing away from him. She could hear the sound of his hand stroking his sex as he prepared to enter her. The head of his penis traveled over her ass. One hand pulled at the cheeks spreading them apart. She stifled a moan as she felt him press against her other opening. He paused in his movements and she sensed the question in the air. She refused to answer and waited as his sex-head traveled lower until it found the right spot. She moaned aloud as he filled her from behind. His hands pulled at her cheeks; she knew he watched as he f_cked her, his sex disappearing then reappearing again. She reached beneath and stroked her clit as he pummeled her soft ass.

He was so big; she felt all of him, into her core and beyond. Her body shook from the thrusts. He continued for a while, until finally she released her pleasure and he followed. After a moment, he pulled out. She felt a pair of soft lips on her ass. He kissed the battered flesh, spreading the cheeks until he stroked a tongue-lick upon her center. His hand came up and he cupped her sex, allowing a finger or two to slip inside. She moaned, but was too tired for another go. They showered, woke the kids, had breakfast and for the rest of the day they had Greta to take care of the chillens. (ha ha) They didn’t say much to one another. Their bodies did all the talking. He took her every way she’d let him: on the bed, on the floor, against the wall, against the window, in a chair, in the bath, everywhere. But the all day sex-a-thon lasted only a day. Tam began to refuse him again. She allowed him, once or twice a week, but that’s about it. < - - - sorry, but I’m about to keep rambling…ha ha damn, I just wanted to write more sex stuff! hope you enjoy it! –Tamara (wish I could get f_cked as much as the character) Brown.

Chapter 15

POSTRainfall8: Mumby: A Year Later (Revisited)

It was rainy season again. Outside, the sky fell in sheets upon tall buildings straining their way toward the heavens. The reflection of light from passing transports smeared brushstrokes of white and yellow and red, all falling upon the modern structures against shades of muted gray and blue. Below, deep in the heart of the darkness, the lower levels teemed with bodies making their way home. A couple escaped the rain, standing underneath the entranceway to Club Solarium. An airlimo arrived. Passersby gawked at the fancy transport and the elegantly dressed duo that climbed aboard.

As the car ascended, a deafening roar of thunder sounded in its wake. Displeased with the lower level departure, the storm caught up to the vehicle as it landed and then hovered at Platform 69-A. The two crossed the walkway and entered into the residential complex. Together they stood in silence, riding the lift to the top. Only the soft sounds of the propulsion system lifting the rising unit, escaped into the air of the tiny compartment. Both figures gazing out into the oncoming night, stood apart, not touching except for where their hands held.

Inside the spacious suite, they parted. The girl shrugged off her overcoat while walking into the bedroom. Her shoes muffled softly against the carpet. The man traveled the short distance to the kitchen. There he opened a cabinet door, taking from it a bottle of vodka and a glass. He poured a generous amount, swallowing it back in one gulp. He repeated the exercise twice more before exhaling deeply and tucking the bottle under his arm. He reached for another glass and carried them with him out of the kitchen.

The sound of running water echoed from the open door to the bath. Mist and steam escaped into the cool atmosphere of the darkened bedroom. Clothes were strewn across the carpet and on the bed. A pair of shoes lay at odd angles against the wall next to the closet door. The man sat on the bed and placed the items he carried onto the side table. He reached into the drawer, pulling from inside its darkened space a chrome metal box. He opened it, taking from it a tiny capsule a couple inches in length, red, and sealed with a black cap. He held the capsule up to the light measuring the level of contents inside. Popping the cap, he tapped the container against the chrome finish of the box lid. He bent, holding one hand to his left nostril inhaling in the powdered substance with the other; again, he repeated the practice, sat up and sniffed away any remainder of it from his face. He inserted the cap, placing the capsule back inside the box. He set it back in the drawer and closed it tightly, the sound echoing into the silence of the room.

The shower stopped and the girl emerged from the bath. The man lay naked beneath the covers of the bed. She crossed over to him; naked except for the towel she used to blot away the moistness in her hair. She smiled. He gazed dazedly. She climbed inside and slid over him. He sat motionless, waiting, while she straddled his warm body. She settled his hands at her hips, grinding against his stomach, leaning forward planting soft kisses on his face and neck. He squeezed her flesh in response, moaning softly as she sucked one nipple then the next. Her lower body moved sensually pressing wetness and warmth against his skin. She reached below, finding him and pressed him against her entrance. His hardened flesh moved along the slit, reaching the opening and then pushed all the way inside. She hissed and moaned, finding a rhythm that produced pleasure, as his hands reacted, pressing against her hips forcing her down to meet his thrusts. He squeezed the soft globes of her backside, pulling them apart, sliding his fingers in between them. She moaned loudly as those digits stroked the soft flesh just near to where he penetrated. She bucked wildly against him. He held her hips stationary as he moved in and out. She cried his name as she felt a finger press against the center of her core. She struggled against him, her hands grasping at his chest, fingers splayed against his nipples rubbing vigorously. He moaned aloud, the sound of their pants merging and filling the confined space.

He slowed and she groaned disappointment. He rolled them both while still inside of her; his feet kicked against the covers until they fell from the bed. He folded her legs against her chest and continued his thrusts until she began to cry and moan, arms reaching back to the headboard for support. Her hands gripped the bar, her face a grimace of pleasure and pain. He bent over her, pressing her further into the bouncing mattress. The bed creaked with the frenzied attack. Again, he slowed and she moaned frustration. He pulled out, holding his member, and then rubbing the head of his sex against her core, sliding it along the cleft.

The smell of sex filled the air and the heat from their bodies challenged the cold of the room. She moaned his name, releasing one hand and reaching for him. He held her back, one arm pressing against her legs as he slid two fingers inside tickling her spot. He watched her reaction. She closed her eyes moaning while reaching both hands to the headboard again. He pulled the slippery digits from her canal and opened the lips of her sex revealing the soft button of flesh at the apex. She called his name, want and lust filling the two-syllable word. Repositioning himself he moaned as he slowly pressed himself inside again. He began with slow strokes, each one eliciting a hiss. She undulated beneath him, each movement causing her to grip the board even more. He picked up the pace, watching her face, watching the tears that escaped her tightly clenched eyes.

Suddenly she arched against him, yelling his name. Her breath came in harsh intakes and exhales as she called him over and over again. His pace quickened and soon his body stilled, his face forming into a mask of ecstasy bordering on release. He thrust against her, body falling nearly smothering her bent form. He called a name, called it again and again until his moving body relaxed on top of hers. He lifted himself onto his arms and with one hand pulled his sex from her body. He drug his tired limbs into sitting position turning her onto her side. He reached behind onto the floor for the covers. He lay back, pulling the material over their sweat-cooled forms. She turned toward him, and snuggled against his back. He reached over for the bottle and took a hefty swig before settling back into sleep and into dreams.

* * * * * * * * *

Each night it was the same dream. No matter how much he partied and drank, he dreamt of her, of Tam. After a year, he was yet tortured by the memories.



“Beg me again.”

“Oh gods… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“There’s just one thing.”


“Not here.”

“Well okay. Let’s go inside.”

“No, Mumby. I want to go back to your place.”

“Okay… I’m so glad you said yes. I was getting tired of only kissing you… I mean, I like kissing you…but I want more than that… Move in with me.”

“Don’t you think moving in together so soon is, well, too soon?”

“Nope… I like you and I want you, here, all the time… I’ll keep you safe, okay? You know I love you, right?”

“I know.”

The dream was always the same. He spoke then she spoke. The words came out of the darkness. He saw her face replying back to him; her smile was for him, her gaze only for him, her love stretching through time he felt was for him and him alone. Or was it? The presence of doubt always awakened him at this moment. She’d said, “I know” and not “I love you”. But it was love, right?

The rain continued to fall. He glanced the chrono and saw the time at just after midnight. He settled back into the bed feeling a warm hand snake around drawing him closer to the body nestled at his back. Carefully he pulled her hand away, sliding out of the bed. He didn’t want to wake her. He and Candy had been at this for a long time. They left the club together, came back to his place, sometimes hers and shagged like rabbits. It wasn’t fulfilling; for him, it was another way to pass the time, the lonely hours when he missed Tam the most. And if nighttime wasn’t enough, the damn rain served as a reminder.

He walked to the fresher, and relieved himself. His head pounded from the booze and the coc. Entering into the bedroom, he pulled the covers closer around Candy’s naked body. He grabbed the bottled and wandered into the living room. He would never get used to this new apartment. There was no warmth here; it wasn’t a home. Having Tam and Omega and even Farnsworth made his other place, his other life full. He missed the family dynamic they’d created.

He sat on the couch, pulling a throw over his naked body. He settled the bottle in between his legs and took sips of the spicy liquid while watching the storm. Family. Tam. Omega. He knew it was coming again, the tears always did. His associates thought that maybe he partied too much because his eyes were always red, but they didn’t know the real reason. He didn’t wipe them away; just let them course hot trails of liquid down the sides of his face. Biting back a sob, he swallowed then lifted the bottle to his mouth again attempting to wash away his grief. He drank until he finished the half empty bottle. Burping lightly he threw it to the floor and laid down on the couch stretching out his tall form. He fell asleep as lightning cackled outside the window and the sounds of thunder answered its call.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

On the next day, Mumby strolled through the Pavilion en route to Java Café. It was his almost weekly homage to her memory, ordering a cappuccino in the flavor she liked and sipping it while strolling through the Gardens. Each time he glanced the high-rising edifice of the Jedi Temple, he shook with unease. He felt a great sense of foreboding coming from that place. He’d never trusted them, didn’t like their cult-like presence in the galaxy and in this place. He did his best to stay away from them and wished the Gardens and the Pavilion were located elsewhere, so he wouldn’t have to feel this way.

He strolled into the café. People glanced in his direction, noticing him then instantly forgetting him again. He wore shades to block the bright light of the sun from his puffy, red eyes. He stood at the bar, just behind a figure dressed in black, a girl wearing a tight leather pantsuit and boots carrying a messenger bag on her shoulder. His gaze stopped at her backside inspecting the round fullness and then moved along to the crown of her head. Her hair was one giant poof of wavy, copper-hued tresses. He started as she turned, almost as if sensing his penetrating stare. Her skin was the color of desert sand and her eyes, almond in shape were a deep, dark brown. She met his gaze staring through the lenses of his shades. She smiled, full pink lips curling up at the corners.

“Hi,” her lips offered, but he couldn’t return the greeting. She was beautiful, just like…

“Hellooooo,” she spoke again, waving a hand in front of his face. The employee behind the counter interrupted the gesture handing a cup to her, thanking her and asking her to come back another day. She walked away and his gaze followed her body as she moved with feline grace to a nearby table. Why didn’t he say anything to her? Did the cat have his tongue? He licked his lips. Nope. Still there, he discovered.

“Good morning. How can we help you today?” The employee interrupted his self-chastisement.

“Uh, yeah, get me a Caramel Macchiato. Large.”

The man turned and began mixing up the drink. Mumby watched as the girl sat and gazed out the window, occasionally taking small sips from the cup. There was a laptop open on the table. A manicured finger moved over the mouse pad, tapping then scrolling. She took a sip and a drop or two of the liquid settled on her mouth. She flicked her tongue out, running it slowly along the bottom lip. He felt a stirring in his pants as he imagined those luscious lips doing…

“Caramel Macchiato. That’ll be five credits please.”

Mumby handed over the currency, grabbed his cup and walked to her table. If she sensed his approach, she didn’t acknowledge it. He moved to lift his glasses, wanting a better look at her, but then he remembered why he wore them in the first place. He cleared his throat, thinking that maybe she’d look up, but she did nothing.

“Excuse me,” He began. “You spoke to me back there and I didn’t say anything. I, uh…” She hadn’t looked up. She continued moving that one finger over the mouse pad.

“Hellooooo,” he mimicked her greeting from earlier. He waited and again, she didn’t do anything.

Feeling at odds with himself and his behavior (just what was wrong with him? He was never this horrible at picking up girls), he turned on his heel prepared to leave.

“Now you know what it feels like, dontcha’?” Her voice sounded behind him. He turned, not knowing what to expect. Would she be staring out the window? Gazing at the screen on her computer? Walking away? Instead he was met with a warm liquid-brown gaze and a cheeky smile.

“Hey. Hi. I… I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I just wanted to apologize for not speaking to…”

“It’s okay. Most people in this city are rude bastards, anyway.”

“So why did ‘you’ say hi? I mean, you know, if people are rude, why go out of your way to be nice to them?” He asked, approaching her table. The cup of cappuccino warmed his hand; he felt his palms grow sweaty from the temperature and his nervousness. Him? Nervous? Get outta here. Checking his bumbling-man routine at the door, he set the cup down on the table and proceeded to sit.

“I spoke to you because it seemed like you needed somebody to be ‘nice’ to you,” she went on. “Did you ask me if you could sit here?” She asked. Was she serious?

“It’s a public place,” he replied. “I can sit here if I want.”

“But it’s better if you ‘ask’. It shows that you have manners.”

She cannot be serious. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, he thought. She was pretty and he was attracted to her, but this ‘attitude’ he was receiving was just too much. Just as he was about to pass judgment, pick up his coffee and leave, she smiled brightly while laughing at the look on his face.

“Gotcha’ again,” she winked. “Stay seated, Mr.?”

“Daiyo. But you can call me Mumby.”

“Mumby,” she chewed back his name. “I’m Afro. Nice to meet you.”

She reached her hand across the top of her laptop. He grasped the soft hand in a handshake. Again, his lower body stirred. There was something about her that ignited a spark in him.

“So, you come here often?” She asked while releasing her hand from his.


“Well, I’m here everyday. I’m addicted,” she whispered conspiratorially.

“To what?”

Her expression deadpanned. “Deathsticks.” His eyes widened behind his glasses. “To coffee, man!” She laughed. “Did you just wake up or something? Maybe you should drink some more of that stuff,” she offered while pointing toward his cup.

“Oh.” He chuckled. “I thought you were serious…you know, about the…”

“Are you kidding me? That stuff makes you crazy.” She took another sip of coffee. His eyes once again focused on her lips. His body responded to the movement and he reached as unobtrusively as he could to adjust himself. Her gaze lifted back to his and she smiled secretly. Did she see him?

She snapped the case shut, lifting the bag onto the table and sliding the laptop inside.

“Going so soon?” He asked detecting a change in her behavior.

“Yeah. Duty calls,” she replied. Her voice lacked mirth. The phrase was delivered firm, her tone authoritative. She rose from the table, pulling the strap from the bag over her head, smoothing it diagonally over her chest. Her chest. His eyes were now drawn to her breasts. Nice ones, he thought.


She turned heading for the front door. He didn’t get her number. Sh_t!
He jumped up, leaving his drink behind and followed her out the door.

“Wait!” He called after her. She kept on moving. He ran, catching up to her and calling again for her to slow down. She stopped and turned.


“Your number,” he replied.

“My number? What about it?” She huffed crossing her arms.

“Can I get your number?”

“Ummm, no.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t give out my number to ‘oglers’.” She turned and began walking away again. He caught up to her, touching her arm. She stopped.

“Look, I’m sorry. I only ‘ogled’ you because I think you’re very pretty.”

“Do you think my breasts are pretty, too? And my lips? How about my feet? Or my pinky toes?”

“Wait, that’s not fair,” he objected.

She raised her eyebrows in question. “Fair?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I mean… Look, I’m sorry. I wasn’t… I’d like to see you again; maybe meet you for coffee, here.” His mind screamed for him to just shut up! “I like you. I’d like to get to know you better.” He saw her expression soften as he rambled. “I didn’t mean to stare, it’s just that…”

“Look, I’ve got to get to work,” she replied, her tone exasperated.

“Okay,” he nodded. “Can I get your number? Call you sometime?”

She looked at him, pensively sizing him up while trying to decide whether or not to relent. At least he ‘thought’ she looked at him this way. He was hopeful; silently praying that yes she would see him again. There was something about her… There ‘had’ to be; otherwise, why he would he act as un-cool as he’d been since first laying eyes on her?


“Yes?” He asked and she nodded, giving him a small smile. “Yes!” he shouted.

“Do you have a pad?” She asked.

He searched his pockets until he found a small datapad. He handed it over to her, fingers brushing against hers. She pulled the stylus, selected the menu and scribbled her name and number in the field. She finished then handed it back to him.

“I really have to get going, Mumby.” She smiled. He loved hearing her say his name. His sex twitched at the thought of her crying it out while underneath his thrusting…damn, he had sex on the mind.

“Yes, me too. I’ll give you a call tonight. Is that okay?” He asked while placing the pad inside his pocket.

“Yes, but after six because I have an appointment right after work.”

He smiled and stared and smiled and continued to look at her.

“O-kay. Well, I’m going,” she stated while backing away.

“Okay, Afro. I’ll talk to you tonight.”

“Okay.” She smiled, clenching her hands together and stepping backwards along the sidewalk.

“You’re going to answer when I call, right?”

“That’s what telecomms are for,” she winked.

“You did give me ‘your’ number, right?”

“Well, doh. You’re kinda cute and I think it’d be cool to see you again.”

“Me, too,” he yelled as she drew farther away.

She waved, turned on her heel and strutted down the sidewalk to the transport pick-up. He watched as she boarded the passenger airbus and continued watching as it rose into the traffic up high. He grinned like an idiot thinking how lucky a bastard he was. She was gorgeous! And funny! There was something about her… He had to get to know her. And more, he added while turning and walking to the edge of the platform. He pressed a button on his chrono alerting the driver to come collect him.

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